Monday, August 30, 2010

The week in review ... August 30, 2010

The next section of pictures is from an area called Sunday Falls.  It's a series of waterfalls on Sunday Creek near Trego, MT.  There's a very nice trail almost good enough for handicapped use along the lower end.  You can see two of the falls on it.  This one is beyond the regular trail and requires some climbing to reach.

This is a second fall that's beyond the regular trail.

This is the first one you'll reach on the lower (easy) part of the trail.

This is the last fall at the end of the lower trail.  You have to climb up the rocks along the left side to reach the upper trail the walk a ways to get to the final two.

Caught Susan taking a picture of the first falls.

Susan caught me taking a picture of her taking a picture of the first falls on the lower trail.

This is the bridge spanning the middle section of Lake Koocanusa.  Susan and her sister are about half-way across (near the car on the bridge).  I was up on some cliffs on the other side of the highway when I took these photos.  That's our car in the parking lot.

This is a shot with the camera on telephoto.

This is the hydroelectric dam on Lake Koocanusa.

We went on down to Libby and took the Fisher River road back home.  The road follows the train tracks (or maybe the tracks follow the road?).  There's a seven mile long train tunnel that goes through a mountain that inconveniently planted itself in the way.  This is the east entrance (or exit, depending upon which direction the train is going).  It has two giant ventilation fans (shown here) to refresh the air and draw out engine exhaust when trains go through.  It's about 11 miles from our cabin as the crow flies and we can often hear the fans when they are on. 

Here the tunnel is giving birth to a east-bound freight train.

More later ...

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