Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 3, 2010 Continued...

We (Susan, me, the goat, the cat, and the dog) walked over to feed the buffalo this morning.  We're letting the goat run loose (we've got a long lead rope on it just in case) to get used to staying with us.

It seems to have developed a taste for hay now that I have a bale of it to feed the buffalo.

It followed me through the electric fence to help scatter the hay (and get some for itself).  You have to be kind of careful going through the fence.  When you're barefoot you get a real good ground!

Another gopher bites the dust.

I took some time to shoot a couple of rifles today so now it's cleaning time.  I picked this spot to keep an eye on the goat.  We let it range the yard the other day and it got into Susan's flowers.  Now we keep it under observation and out of the yard.  The cat likes to play with the goat's lead rope.

I'm almost finished with the SKS and will start on the MAK 90 next.

Susan did laundry this afternoon.  We kept kidding about how she was going to bring more rain.

The line is full and she's almost finished.

Afterwards she made supper.  Our son is running his generator so I have the brass tumbler going and Susan will have the dehydrator going soon as well.

Tomorrow we go to pick huckleberries.

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