Monday, April 29, 2013

9-29 April, 2013 - High winds, long rides and more company...

Sorry about the long time between posts.   We've been a bit busy and internet access has been poor lately.
We did some exploring on the other side of the lake, going to see a spring and sinkhole plus a lot of desert country.
There were cattle running loose but because it was in the middle of the day they were mostly lounging in whatever shade that they could find.
We took dozens of pictures so these are just a sampling of what we saw.
This is one of the sandstone cliffs we drove under.

We took a lunch break in the shade of one of the rock formations.

This is the sinkhole.

We all had a good time playing among the caves found here.

Scott was, of course, in his element crawling through the numerous caves and tunnels.
He had some more cousins come for a visit.  Unfortunately they arrived during one of the worst weeks we had for high winds and spent most of their time in a motel in town.  Here the young-uns are seeing how many will fit in and on a toy car.
Scott was playing with Susan's camera at one of the hot springs we visited and actually took some pretty good photos when we weren't looking.

We had our usual car repairs.  We noticed that on our back-country driving the car was overheating.  I checked and the electric auxiliary cooling fan wasn't working.  We only had a 60 amp spare fuse so I put it in place of the 30 amp fuse that was blown.  We went about thirty feet then pulled over and popped the hood when we smelled smoke. I quickly removed the fuse and checked the smoking fan motor.  It wasn't on fire so I closed the hood and we drove back to camp.  Here, Scott is helping take the old fan out so we can order a new one.  The new one was $100.00 but we had it the next day so I put it on the Cherokee.  I also noticed that the radiator is leaking slightly so if it last till we get home I'll replace it at home where I have more tools with me.

We've made several trips tot he hot springs north of Alamo.  We've learned to arrive early on week days and we have it mostly to ourselves.  This is the deeper pool at the top.

This is the pool below the deep one.  The water is about like warm bath water and we love soaking in it for a couple of hours.

The lake has gone down a bunch while we've been here.  This rock was barely visible at first.  Now you can walk out to it without getting your feet wet.  Here Susan and Scott are walking out.

We do a lot of playing in the lake.  We blew up one of Scott's water toys for him to ride on.  Of course they are all planes of some type.

We did a little fishing as well.  The fishing is poor with a bite every 30 minutes or so on average.  I've caught a couple of fish after all the visitors went back to MT but that all.  I missed several hits due to old line on the reel.  After a trip to town for new line I started getting them to shore.

This guy was sunning himself on the road so we took his picture before ushering him to safety.  It's a Red Racer and he lives up to his name when he takes off.  This one was about three-and-a-half-feet-long.

We spent one night in Vegas with Scott.  We stayed at Circus Circus because they seem more child friendly than some other casinos.

Scott was nosing around the room and found the safe.  (I didn't know there was one.)

We made contact with an online friend who showed us around some of the official areas of the Recreation area.  This is a nursery.  After the tour we're thinking seriously about doing some volunteer work here next winter.

Scott, being more mechanically minded headed straight for the water buffalo.  He wanted to climb to the top of the tank but Grandpa spoiled his fun.

We never tire of the flowers in the desert.  This and the next two photos were taken near the Visitor center.

Scott has been sleeping later lately for which both of us are pleased with.  Here he's sacked out on his side (for once) of the bed.

It's gettin' hot here so we're all packed up and ready to head to the next stop after we cover a couple of loose ends.  One item showed up this morning but it may be another day or two before the next one gets here.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

24 March - 8 April, 2013 - High winds, Las Vegas, Children at play...

Sorry about the delays lately.  Our internet access is still sketchy at best.  A lot of people think the desert is barren and lifeless but it isn't.  Here are a few photos we've taken the past week of flowers near the camp.

We took our kids/grandkids to Las Vegas again to see the sights. The first time we went it was to do some needed shopping.  This time it was mostly for fun.
On the Strip ...
The younger generation stayed in town to see the Pirate show but we older folks (and Scott) headed for camp.
One of our stops was at a park where the kids played, and played, and played...

The aquarium at Bass Pro Shop was a big hit with the kids.
Scott couldn't decide to whether to read his book or wear it.  When he finally went to sleep the wearing option took precedence.
We've done a lot of walking, exploring, bicycling and other types of play the last couple of weeks.  Kevin has caught some fish while here.  We played in the kayaks and rowboat and we've had lots of time in the water.

The guys from the airbase made multiple appearances and had night maneuvers several times.

Scott and Anna never seem to tire of trying to fill the lake in with rocks.  They're both getting pretty good arms.

The wind has made a few appearances as well.

On those windy days Scott spent time helping Susan with some of her computer games on her tablet.

One of our purchases was a spotting scope and a better table. 
We went to the Lost City Museum outside of Overton.  The kids especially liked the dwellings that they had put up for display.

There was a herd of cattle next to one of the parks.  Scott was fascinated by the bovine creatures.

And of course we went to the Valley of Fire State Park.  Here are a couple of the grandkids at Atlatl Rock.
One of the locals.

Anna and Scott taking a break in the shade.

We got a little concerned about Scott's ability to find tunnels through the rocks so we had to watch him carefully.  He, however, wanted to explore everything.

Scott held a tin-foil hat drill in camp.  Here he's sounding the alarm and running for cover.
Now he's reporting in.

Of course he had to ensure that "mirror boy" was up-to-date on what was happening.
Then it was evaluation time to be sure that the next time was more efficient. 
And the "all clear" is sounded.