Thursday, August 2, 2018

July 2018 Nevada Trip

Susan and Scott made a quick trip down to Nevada where the motor home is stored to get some things for the 5th wheel.  We will probably be using the 5th wheel for a deer hunting trip in Nevada this fall so we wanted to get it set up prior to leaving with it.  Once it's in Nevada it will be staying there.  It's too big to be practical in Montana and since it's primary purpose is to be our winter "home" it makes sense to just store it there during the summer.

So, Susan and Scott took a quick trip south to get things out of storage and to scout out the hunting area a bit prior to the season.

One of the stops was at the Dave Deacon campground in central Nevada.  We like it for the moderate climate in summer.  It's much milder there than the 100 (+) degree days in Overton.  It also has one of our favorite swimming springs.

The fish were "kissing" Scott!

It's a favorite for Scott due to the crystal clear water flowing through and it's deep enough for snorkeling!

This is another spring near the hunting area.  This is just one part of it (there are several springs here).  The water is warmer at this location.

And the antelope seem to like using it too!

This is near the hunting area. Susan tried going to a spot we wanted to see farther south of here but ran into some problems.  We put new tires on the Sante Fe before she left but she hit a nail or something and the left front one went flat.  While she was getting to the jack a cowboy stopped by and put a plug in the tire.  We only had a small 12 volt pump in the car so it took awhile to re-inflate the tire.  In the meantime she discovered that the right front tire was low. She used the pump to inflate it then decided to scrap the exploration of new territory and head back north.

She found a nice little camping area near a flowing creek (a real find in arid Nevada!) and spent the night there.  The cell signal was weak but she could still send texts.  We'd been in contact by texts during the day regarding the tire(s).  Being fifty miles from help is not a good feeling when you are dealing with two flats but only one spare.

The plug the cowboy put in was holding but by morning the other front tire was flat.  The little air pump stopped working after awhile (probably overheated) so Susan put the spare on.  I carry tire plugs in the vehicle but you need a tire pump to re-inflate the tire.

Anyway, with the spare installed she took off for the nearest outpost of civilization.  There she found someone to repair the flat although he wouldn't swap it with the spare.  (He also charged her $40.00 to put a plug in the hole!)  So she changed the tire herself, putting the spare back in the rack under the car and putting the front tire back in it's original position.  Then she headed for home.

This is a little camp ground near some petroglyphs where they spent a night on the way south.

Another place we've stayed before.  This one was under water one spring.

Another night near the petroglyphs.

One of the sites at the Dave Deacon CG in Nevada.

The trip home was uneventful and she and 
Scott arrived with a trailer load of things that now need a home in our 5th wheel.