Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Huckleberries (again)

These are three of the bows I'm selling on Ebay.  The top one is a Bear Take-Down with the aluminum riser.  It 62 in. long and draws 46 lbs. at 28 in.  The next two are PSE take downs.  Both are 60 inches long.  The second one draws 50 lbs. and the bottom one draws 55 lbs.  All are in good shape.

A pile of bear scat where we were picking berries.  It was fairly fresh and smelled that way too!

Susan and I picking berries.

Susan picking self-heal near the car.

Our "sovenier" received on the way to pick berries.  (Like we really needed another rock chip in the windshield!)

Susan milking the goat.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I made huckleberry pancakes for breakfast this morning. After breakfast I put seam sealer on one of our big tents. It’s the one we used at DT 10. We didn’t have any problems with it leaking but it was due for some seam sealer anyway. After that I took some pictures of stuff I’m going to put up for sale on Ebay. Susan put together a canner load of potatoes and set up the new dehydrator to dry the rest of them. She made huckleberry muffins to take with us berry picking. After lunch we headed out to pick huckleberries. This will probably be the last time for this year. We had to go about 400 feet up the mountain to get into the berries that were left. There were a lot of them but they get smaller as you go higher. We picked until the sun hit the western ridgeline. Once we were in the shade the flies started getting peskier and we headed back down to the Cherokee. Our take for the afternoon was about three gallons.

On the way home we stopped at the neighbor’s place to milk the goat. They were gone for the evening and had asked if we’d take care of it for them. The goat is usually pretty good but the flies were bothering her last night. Susan made a couple of good “saves” when the goat kicked at the flies nearly dumping the milk bucket. By the time we got home it was dark and nearly bed time. We had some ice cream for an evening snack.

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