Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010 Reloading Ammo and Huckleberry Pie

The cat brushing it's teeth this morning with Tristan's toothbrush.

Tristan home from work eating the last piece of huckleberry pie with lots of vanilla ice cream.  Susan, did we remember to tell him that the cat borrowed his toothbrush?

The buffalo in their summer coats.  This is the bull and the head cow.  The youngsters are off to the left in the trees.

This is our second oldest daughter's husband.  He's new to reloading and bought a Lee hand press and dies to reload for his 45 auto.  He brought it up here so I could teach hime how to use it.  He reloaded 100 rounds and then we proceeded to shoot most of them.

These are the huckleberries after Susan washed them in preparation for drying.  She also made a huckleberry pie.  It was our son-in-law's first time eating huckleberry pie.

This is the first load of huckleberries in the dehydrator.  They smell soooo good when drying!  We also had huckleberries with our ice cream and will probably have some in our pancakes in the morning.  Unless the weather turns bad we plan on picking more tomorrow.

Susan watering the garden this afternoon.  I've got the tumbler going with more brass cases while the generator is running to power the water pump.

These are some of the peas we shelled yesterday.  We dry them on plastic screens bought at a craft shop.  We lay the screen on an old refrigerator rack and let the peas air dry. 

I did a little flint knapping before the mosquitoes drove me inside for the night.  I'm new at it so about all I've got to show so far is lots of broken pieces of obsidian.

I put a bunch of stuff away this morning. When I moved the dog food to it's storage area I found that a mouse had made a home there. I set some traps then moved the last bag of dog food and a bag of cat food in there to store them. I hope I catch the mouse before he gets into the dog food. I took a bunch of stuff down to the shack as well and took the goat out to roam while I checked my gopher traps. I then took the truck over to the neighbors to get water. On the way I stopped to feed a bale of hay to the buffalo. Our son-in-law was coming over today and met me at the hay stack. He went with me to fill barrels. When we finished with the barrels we went to reloading ammo for his 45 auto. He'd never reloaded ammo before and tried a few rounds using my equipment the last time he was here. He liked it but they don't have a lot of room so I had him order a Lee hand press and Lee dies with the powder measure included. It's enough to get him started. It's the first time I've ever used a hand press and I liked it. I don't think it would be much fun for my 338 but his worked well on the pistol cartridge.

While us guys were doing the gunpowder and bullet thing, Susan was washing huckleberries and drying them. She also made a venison pot pie for lunch and huckleberry pie for desert. She spent some time working in the garden then we fired up the generator and water pump and she watered the garden. Finally the mosquitoes drove her into the house too.

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