Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday - Monday August 8-9, 2010 Huckleberries and Mule Deer Bucks

I took a picture of Susan taking a picture of the goat.

The goat eating knapweed.

Anti-cat devices. The kitten decided that it's not only fun to play with Pepper plants, but Basil plants are fun too! In addition to the antlers and the metal pole Susan stuck bamboo skewers and chopsticks down into the dirt, sticking up among the foliage!

I got out the 45/70 and shot it a bit Sunday afternoon.  After 10 or so shots with 405 grain slugs that steel butt plate starts to hurt just a bit.

The road to our huckleberry patch.

The upper beginning of the Stillwater river.

Me picking huckleberries.

Susan and I stopped in a small clearing for a rest break after a few hours.  She's taking pictures of the scenery while I take a picture of her taking a picture of the scenery 

The "scenery."

A Mule Deer buck we saw on the way home.

Evidence of picking huckleberries.

The prize ... Huckleberries!

It rained off and on all day Sunday.  Tristan ran his generator so Susan spent most of Sunday drying food.  We have a whole cabin filled with herbs and vegetables drying on screens and herbs tied in bundles on the front porch.  I let the goat browse while I cast bullets for my 45/70 and 357 magnum.  I took advantage of some time when the sun was out to shoot the 45/70 a little.  The cat got into trouble for playing with the basil plants.  Last week it shredded the peppers we had growing in pots and was working to do the same thing to the Basil but Susan put up some "obstructions" to foil it's fun.

We went huckleberry picking Monday.  Susan made some mint tea to bring along then we forgot to fill the jar on the way past the church.  She also made some frosted muffins to eat for lunch.  They were great.  We stopped and picked up a neighbor who wanted to go along and pick berries too.  We ended up with about two gallons of berries each after about six hours of picking them.  We stopped at the Fortine Merchantile and bought a cake mix and hamburger for me to grill tomorrow.  We then filled water jugs at the church and headed home.  We picked up the mail on the way out so we didn't ned tostop at the post office on the way back home.  I let the goat out to browse and let the chickens out when we got home.  Later, I shut the chickens in but couldn't find the goat.  I'd seen a deer near him earlier and was concerned that he'd followed it on into the woods.  I got Susan and we got flashlights and FRS radios (it wasn't totally dark yet but it was getting close) and strapped on handguns and went looking.  Susan heard him baa'ing and he must have heard us about the same time because he came running from the direction of the shack.  He'd been doing his best distressed goat call to see if he could draw in any nearby coyotes, wolves, or (most likely) mountain lions.  I'm glad we found him before they did. By then it was nearly bedtime for us too.

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