Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Carrots, cut-up, cooked, and ready for the dehydrator.

Susan and I (with the cat's help) shelled peas this morning.  We set aside the best  and will save them for planting next year.

These are wild raspberries.  We stopped and picked a paper cup full of them (not counting those we ate while picking)  We also found some saskatoon berries and gooseberries growing nearby.

These are left and right views of the road where we parked to pick huckleberries. 

These are ripe huckleberries waiting to be picked!

Susan properly attired  for picking huckleberries.  Jeans, stout shoes, hydration pack, 357 magnum on belt and pepper spray on pack strap, sweatshirt tied around the waist to use if mosquitoes get bothersome, and bucket tied to her belt to leave both hands free for picking.

Prime huckleberry habitat. 

Proper evidence of huckleberry picking.  A purple tongue is evidence of huckleberry eating.

We met a black bear on the road about 3/4 mile from our house.  He's a fair size bear but not as big as the one I have hanging on the wall.  Bear season opens in about a month.

The goat thought he was starving when we got home.  Here he's climbed up on a stump to get at the leaves.

Susan and I shelled peas first thing this morning.  We saved some of the best for planting in next year's garden.  The others will be dehydrated for future use.  We planned on leaving right after that but had a neighbor stop in for a  short visit.  He was on his way to Eureka to get some things and wanted to know if we wanted to ride along or if we needed anything.  We gave him enough money to buy a couple of gallons of milk.  He got back before us and just left the milk in the refrigerator.  When he left I emptied water jugs into the barrel for the tank over the sink and we filled it up.  We loaded the water jugs in the car to fill at the church on our way home.  Susan put together some stuff to eat while we were there and we left to pick huckleberries.

We stopped at some wild raspberries alongside the road and picked some to use at home.  (Okay, to be honest we ate as many as we saved!)  Susan will use them in muffins tomorrow.  We parked at our favorite huckleberry location and had a very pleasant afternoon picking H-berries.  We ended up with a couple of gallons.  We'd like to have more so we'll probably go back on Friday.  We didn't see any bears there but the wild flowers are in full bloom.  Most of the berries near the road have been picked so we walked up the mountain a couple hundred yards before getting into many huckleberries.  There are still plenty of green ones so the picking should be good for a couple of weeks at least.  Not many people will venture that far from the road because it's too much work to climb the mountain through all the brush and blown-down trees.

We headed home around 5:00 pm, stopping at the church to fill the water jugs.  We saw the bear as we started up the fork going to our cabin. 

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