Sunday, August 1, 2010

Susan is milking the neighbor's goat Saturday morning.  (At their place!)

A little buck we saw on the way home from milking the goat.

Checked my gopher traps this morning.  Had two gophers and one weasel.  I felt kind of bad about the weasel.  He was probably helping clear out the gophers.  Of course if he got in the chicken pen he'd have cleared it out of chickens too.

I took some time to do some shooting and reloading today.  I was shooting to see how the point of impact changed between different bullet wieghts.  After shooting I spent a few hours at the reloading bench sorting brass and loading 223 ammo.

Susan got out some carrots from the root cellar and began cutting them up into little pieces.  She'll cook them first then dehydrate them.

I put a strand of electric wire around the goat's pen.  The guy we got the goat from called to say that someone he gave some other goats to lost them to a mountain lion kill a couple of days ago.  I;m hoping the dog will keep the Mountain Lions out (we have a lot of them around here) but we added the electric wire just in case...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We went to milk the goat Saturday morning. It worked out better because we were on the goat’s home turf. On the way home from there we saw a little buck alongside the road.

This morning I checked traps then did some shooting and reloading until about 2:00 pm. We got more rain and some hail this morning as well. It cleared off in mid-afternoon. The generator was running so I melted down some scrap lead. I dropped in a wheel weight that must have had some moisture in a crack somewhere. The lead erupted like a volcano and blew about two pounds of hot lead all over everything. I’ll be picking melted lead out of my clothes for a week. I always wear safety glasses and a hat for occasion like that although this was the worst one I’ve ever had happen to me. I melted down about 10 pounds of lead into ingots and called it a day.

Susan made a pie out of the service berries and goose berries we picked the other day. It was great. She picked a bunch of peas this evening and has been working on cutting up carrots to cook them then dehydrate them. These are last year’s crop and have been stored in the root cellar since last fall. They are still firm and in good shape. We need to get them out so we’ll have room for this year’s crop.

We took the goat and the dog over to feed the buffalo. The goat has learned to like our walks. It will stop to munch on something then run to catch up. It’s trying to play with the dog but the dog’s not too excited about that idea. On the way back from the buffalo the goat was running along and saw stump that had an outline similar to a bear. The goat came to a sliding stop then dashed around to the other side of Susan for protection. It was hilarious!

This evening the man we got he goat from called and said that another person he had given two goats to called to say that a mountain lion had killed both of them. We assured him ours was okay then I went out and put a strand of electric wire around the top of the goat’s pen.

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