Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The week in review ... August 30, 2010 continued ...

This is a continuation of the week Susan's sister was visiting.

Monday Morning began with huckleberry pancakes.

Breakfast time!!  Huckleberry pancakes with home made huckleberry syrup.

We found time to just sit as lounge on the porch in addition to seeing the area.

The weather turned colder so we had to cover the garden every night.  We also fired up the wood stove to chase the night's chill out of the cabin.  The last two days it's been so cool we've kept the fire going all day. 

I found some time to peel the bark off some of the poles I cut for various uses on the place.


We had one afternoon scheduled in the park in Kalspell to get everyone together for some family time.  We had 20 there counting all the kids, grandkids, Susan and I and her sister.  We picked up 1/2 dozen Little Ceaser's pizzas and everyone brought their own drinks.   It gets more difficult as time passes to get everyone together at the same time due to their work schedules.  In this picture we have a furry party crasher.  A local resident decided that it needed to try out some pizza crust.

Our second youngest granddaughter.

Even at her age she likes to clown around to get people's attention!

This is our youngest grandchild (by a couple of weeks) knawing on some pizza crust.

Susan, Marjie and Hanna warming the bench.

This is the final set of photos from the week Marjie was here.  We're getting back into our normal routine now. 

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