Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 September, 2010 Wood cutting and onion harvests ...

The cat usually wants to "cuddle" when you're using the computer or reading or any other time she can be in the way by laying on your lap.

We save the seed from our carrots.  (You have to leave some carrots in the ground in the fall because they don't form seed heads until the second year.)  You have to carefully put the seed heads into the bag because the seed fall out very easily. 

Once they're bagged you can shake the bag and the seed will fall to the bottom.  Now just close up the bag and save it for next planting season.

Susan harvested the final third of our onions today. 

I cut firewood today.  I had a little over a cord on the truck. About half of it was green and half was seasoned.  When Tristan got home from work he helped unload it. We put the green wood in the back of the wood shed and threw the dry wood on the splitting pile.  It was cut in the logged area on state land south of our cabin.

Tristan fueling up his generator.  He usually runs it a couple of times a week to play video games.  The game and TV set-up draws too much power to run it on the batteries and inverter.  He's a volunteer fireman so his radio goes wherever he goes.

This is the squash Susan put in the dehydrator last night.

This is what it looked like before drying.

I cut firewood today while Susan stayed home and worked in the garden and around the house.  She pulled the rest of the onions and dug some potatoes, did some laundry and other things and boiled potatoes in the solar cooker for supper.  We had mashed potatoes and gravy with venison chunks for supper (along with corn and applesauce).

I left to cut wood in the morning.  On the way out I noticed that the neighbor had dropped off more hay for his buffalo.  On the way down the hill I saw that some had fallen off his trailer on the way up the hill so I stopped and loaded the bales in the PU and drove them back up to the hay stack.  It wouldn't be like him to leave the hay on the side of the road like that so I'm wondering if he had someone else drop the hay off.  Later I'll shoot an email over to him to find out.  I met a neighbor going out and we stopped to chat a bit.  He was going in for a dentist appointment.  I was glad I was going to cut wood.  That's a lot better than getting a tooth pulled.

I tried using my Stihl saw this morning and after about twenty minutes it started acting up again so I guess I'll order a coil for it.  It doesn't have any spark once it warms up.  A new plug did not fix it.  I cut most of the wood today with my Homelite with the 18 inch bar.  It does okay but it kind of knaws through large logs whereas the Stihl just powers through them.

After I got home I got my bow out and my broadhead arrows and did some shooting.  Arrow flight was perfect so I just need to touch up the broadheads and I'm ready to hunt.  Bow season for deer and elk opens this weekend.

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