Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1 September, 2010

Another cold morning so I got the wood stove going first thing. We usually sit near the stove for a few minutes when we first get up in the morning. The tea kettle is on the stove heating up the water for our morning cocoa. It's good time to get some reading in.

The cat was a little miffed that I took her chair.


Susan made biscuits and gravy with sausage for breakfast.

These are some wild grapes (Oregon Grapes) susan picked while we were gettring firewood yesterday.  They're spead out on a cookie sheet to dry.  She dries some and makes grape juice and grape jelly out of the rest.

The goat says, "good morning, now feed me!"

Time to unload the wood we cut yesterday.  The pieces in the wheel barrow are green.  They'll go to the back of the woodshed to season.  By the time we get to them they'll be ready to burn.

Susan is digging up the garlic.  The carrot is a volunteer from two-year-old carrots left in the ground the year before.  We leave some first season carrots in the ground when we harvest carrots in the fall.  These carrots will come back the second year in which they'll go to seed.  You can shake the seeds out of the heads when they're ready or just let nature take it's course.  (We do both.)  We've had carrots coming up every year in this area for several years now.  It's easy to tell the first year carrots from those in their second (seed) year.  The tops are different and if you dig them up the bottom is smaller and woody on the second year plants.

The cat is helping.

Some of the garlic she dug up today.

Susan is loading the dehydrators with squash.  We peeled and sliced these just before this picture was taken.

The cat with an attitude!  (It's afraid someone else wants to use it's chair.)

It rained hard this morning and has been cloudy with intermittent rain all day.  Susan took this picture about 30 minutes before I posted this.  We have another front moving in from the north and as I write this it's pouring down rain again!.

This just looked like a cool photo so I'm posting it.  Susan took it in the garden a little while ago.

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