Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28 September, 2010 Tuesday

Tristan and I spent Sunday getting a load of firewood.  This is the last load we need for the winter.  I took the Homelite with the new chain and it worked great.  I talked to the Stihl dealer when I got the new chain for the Homelite and he said they set the air gap on the coil on the old saws at .020 and the new ones at .010.  Sunday I reset the air gap on the coil to .010 and the Stihl worked like a new saw again.  We cut a full load and headed home.  When we got home we unloaded the pickup and that was enough for one day.  (I still have a few trees to take down on the property but the wood shed will be full when this load is split and stacked.  We watched a few more episodes of CSI Las Vegas in the evening.  Susan made bread and zuchinni brownies, dug up more spuds and spread them out to cure (they're spread ot n the living room floor with old towels under and over them), packed away some of the food she's been dehydrating and picked more herbs to dry.

Monday we did household stuff in the morning (I did more writing on one of my articles -- I need to be more consistent at that).  In the afternoon we cleaned out the Uhaul and planned out where we want the windows installed, stove, table, etc.  We had dinner with a neighbor in the afternoon/evening.

Tuesday Susan did more in the garden, washed towels and sheets and bandaged up my hand.  I had to search for new blades for the saber saw to put the windows in the Uhaul.  We traced the outline on the wall for the first window and I cut it out.  Then I found out I used the wrong window for a template.  Fortunately it was a smaller window so I just had to enlarge the hole a bit to make it fit.  When I was cutting out the hole for the second window my ladder slipped and when I grabbed onto the Uhaul I cut my hand on the jabbed edges of the hole for the first window.  So we got to play "first aid" for awhile.  I was glad we keep a good supply of first aid stuff around.  When we finished up I put a glove over the injured hand and finished installing the windows.  After supper (spaghetti) and when we finish our blogs we'll watch the final episode if CSI and take the series back and trade it for the next year.  We are borrowing these from our oldest son.  The whole family trades videos around.  Keeps us all entertained without spending too much money doing it.

These are seed pods off the asparagus.  The seeds themselves are inside.  You have to crush them to extract the seeds.

I used a metal cutting blade on my circular saw to cut the first hole out.  I used the sabre saw to cut the rounded corners.  The saber saw works much better so I used it for the next window.

The view from inside while cutting the first window opening.

Both openings have been cut and I'm installing the windows.

Outside view ...

Inside view.  We still have to put in the insulation and paneling inside.

My hand after the ladder fell over.  I let it bleed a bit to let the blood flow help clean the wound.

After washing it we got a better look.  They aren't that deep.  It mostly just peeled the skin back a bit.

I'm putting some antibiotic salve on it.

We broke into some of the larger pads for this one.

A large pad, a wrap of cloth tape to hold it in place.  A bandaid on the finger to hold that flap of skin down (hidden under the larger pad).  And a once-over from the dog and we went in to have some lunch.  After eating lunch I put a glove on to protect the bandage and finished up the two windows. (Five more to go.)

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