Wednesday, September 8, 2010

7 September, 2010 Tuesday

The first two pictures are from the brag page (that's the page grandparents have reserved for pictures of their grandkids).

These are pictures of Anna (our youngest grandchild) taken in "Playland" at McDonalds for our daughter's birthday.  The grandkids love going there.

I was doing Sudoku puzzles by the wood stove the other morning and the cat wouldn't leave me alone ... so, we gave it the puzzle book and pen.

This is Plantain in the yard.

Susan picked a bunch of it to dry.

These are dried peelings from the squash we dehydrated earlier.  We'll put them away for goat food for use later this year.

Susan has been watching some rose hips with plans to pick them next week.  Unfortunately, the goat got loose and ate them all.

Monday was laundry day for me.  There was supposed to be sushine and there was ... for about 30 minutes.  I ended up taking them off the line when it began raining and they finished drying in the house.

Susan made a trip into town and got to meet one of ur children's new kitten. 

We've done some bedroom switching in the cabin and this room is now going to be our "bathroom."  We need to take up the carpet and seal the floor then I'll install the composting toilet and our laundry tubs and wringer.  We'll be able to do laundry inside this winter. The shower is already in the corner on the left.

Susan found an anarchist in the house while cleaning out the bedroom.

I took Sunday off.  It was cold and rainy all day and we couldn't get anythng done outside anyway.  Tristan ran the generator and we watched a couple of movies in the late afternoon.  I made the high bid on a dozen muskrat fur stretchers on Ebay.  They've never been used and I got them for about $15.00 less than the best price I could find anywhere else.  The shipping was most of the cost.  I kept running out of them last year so this should be enough to keep up with the catches I make.  On Monday I washed clothes and fixed the Craftsman chain saw.  I took it apart expecting to find a cracked fuel line but it turned out to be a plate that was loose betwen the carburetor and the cyinder head.  I tightened it up and put the whole thing back together again and tried it out.  It worked good!  I sharpened the chain and filed the depth guages down while I was working on it.  Susan was busy picking and drying more herbs and dehydrating more eggs.  She has around 20 dozen eggs dehydrated now and wating for winter when the chickens stop laying.  The chickens are finished molting so egg production is back up to five or more per day.  (We have seven hens.) 

Susan went to town Tuesday to take care of some things.  I stayed home and worked on a couple of articles.  I put the goat out on a tether for a few hours.  After about two hours he got his collar loose from the lead rope and wandered off.  When I found him (its a good thing he's white and easy to see) he thought it would be fun to run away.  I didn't chase him because I didn't want him to think it was a game and he eventually came to me.  That didn't mean I wasn't angry enough to look up some recipes for barbecued  goat though.  I put the lead on him and put him back in the pen.  I took him back out again a couple of hours later with a new locking system on the lead rope.  It rained at times all day long.  The solar panels never did get the batteries fully charged and the only things on during the day were the fridge and my netbook computer.

I had Susan pick up a couple of pounds of smokeless powder in town.  It came to $47.00 total.  The last time I bought gunpowder it was $18.00 a pound! 

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