Tuesday, September 14, 2010

12-14 September, 2010

Our cast iron waffle maker at work on top of the wood stove.  It's below freezing almost every night now so we have the wood stove going most mornings.  When that's the case we usually cook our breakfast on it instead of the propane stove.

And yes, they were delicious!

Susan drained one of the puddles on the road Sunday.  It's unusual to have water in them this time of year but it's been a wet summer/fall.

My 800 cc Suzuki getting new seal on a front shock and a new front tire. 

The dog thought I should be paying more attention to her.

The dog and the goat are learning how to play together.

At least goats are content to sniff noses.

One of the apples on our tree.

Susan had a squirrel come to chatter so she took it's picture.

Sunday, Tristana and I cut a small load of wood this morning then he headed into Kalispell to spend some time with his brother.  I mostly wanted to put the Stihl chainsaw through it's paces to see if the coil fixed it.  The Stihl worked great but we couldn't get the Craftsman to start.  I unloaded the wood then worked on the Crastsman chain saw ... again.  Later in the afternoon a neighbor came over with his new acquisition so he and I and his son spent some time on the rifle range making holes in things near and far.  It's the first time I've ever used a Trijicon scope.  They're fast on target and work great in low light but they are not a target scope for pinpoint accuracy.  We we're shooting at 100 yards and he wanted to sight it dead on at 200 yards so I got the chronograph out and we checked the muzzle velocity of his ammo.  We then went to some bullet drop tables and sighted it the appropriate height high at 100 yards to give him a dead on hold at 200 yards ... we hope!  I told him to use the gun club range to check for sure.  

Monday, I finished up working on the Craftsman chainsaw.  I didn't find anything wrong with it except it seemed to be severely flooded.  I tried to start it and it smoked severely and ran poorly for about a minute then smoothed out and ran great.  I ran one tank of gas through cutting up some trees I had down for firewood about 50 yards from the cabin.  It ran great.  I used the wheel barrow to haul the fresh cut wood to the woodshed and then began on my motorcycle.  It had a leaking front shock most of the summer last year.  I got the seals for it but never put them on so it was an oily mess.  I also have  front tire for it.  I've never replaced the shock absorber seals on a motorcycle before so I downloaded a service manual for the bike.  It's still going to be a learning experience.   I have a new front tire to install also.

Tuesday, cut more wood.  I took the dog and the Stihl chainsaw and the Craftsman chain saw.  The Stihl quit before I even got the first tree down.  The Crafstman worked great for awhile then I began having problems getting it started.  I had about a half load of wood cut and decided to eat lunch.  After eating I tried the Stihl and it fired right up and cut until I had nearly a full load of wood. I shut it off and loaded the wood into the truck but when I tried to start it to cut a few more pieces to top off the load it wouldn't stay running (A new problem!).  I decided enough was enough and the dog and I headed for home.  Susan had beans cooking outside in the solar cooker but the sky clouded up and they didn't get very hot.  It was one of those situations you get into sometimes.  I was about a mile (as the crow flies)  from the house and when the clouds rolled in I loved it because the temperature cooled off.  However, she needed bright sunshine to make the solar cooker work.  Susan has been busy with digging potatoes, harvesting  and drying squash and onions, picking and drying herbs, cutting back the rhubarb for winter, washing clothes and dishes, sealing the floor in the bathroom and trying to keep the garden growing to get a harvest from the late season crops when the temperature is below freezing almost every night now.

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