Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 September, 2010 Wood splitting and stacking...

Another overcast, internittently raining days.

Susan is cutting up onions so we can dry them.

Here's a picture of the whole operation including the cat who was under my chair supervising.

The onions in a big bowl ready for the dehydrator.

Susan caulking up the corner under the window.

These are dried squash peelings.  We'll feed them to the goat in the winter.  We already checked to see if he liked eating them (and he did).  We also dry the onion and rutabaga tops for goat food.

Me cutting the alfalfa into smaller sections to store it in old dog food bags.

Stuffing it in the bags as tightly as I can.

The goat tethered out to browse.  He seems happiest when he's eating.

Splitting firewood.  I seem to do a lot of that in the fall.  It takes about 10 days of work to get the wood cut split and stacked for the year.  Not many people can heat their home that cheaply.  Back when I worked a "real" job we spent a lot more than two weeks of pay to heat our home for a year.

Yesterday it rained most of the day.  In the morning Susan and I diced onions for dehydrating.  Tristan got sent homne from work at the golf course due to the rain and planned on running his generator all day so we decided to take advantage of the electricity and run the dehydrator.   The rain slacked off for a couple of hours in the afternoon so Susan worked in garden awhile pinching off blossoms on squash plants (they won't have time to mature before the frost gets them), digging more hills of potatoes and doing other things in the garden.  I put a couple of strands of wire up for training the grape vines and stacked some of the wood I'd split in the wood shed.  We watched a movie (Shallow Hal) in the evening.

Today Susan took the carpeting and padding out of the future bathroom, cleaned the wlls and floor and did some caulking around the windows.  We're ready to put some sealer on the floor next.  I cut the alfalfa I'd cut a couple of weeks ago into shorter sections and packed it into old dog food sacks for storage.  We'll feed it to the goat in the winter.  I stacked the rest of the pre-split wood in the wood shed then split more and stacked it in the wood shed.  Susan fixed tuna cassarole for supper and we're both working on our blogs on our computers.  We each have laptop and netbook computers.  We use the netbooks most of the time because they use so little power.  We use the laptops mainly for viewing netflix online movies.  A little while ago it was raining.  Now the sun is shining.

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