Thursday, September 30, 2010

30 September, 2010 Motorcycles and Pop Rivets

We drove into Eureka yesterday to get some sabre saw blades and pop-rivets.  On the way back we fed the buffalo a bale of hay. 

The dog wanted to get out and play but the buffalo don't have a very good sense of humor when it comes to dogs so Odie was confined to the Cherokee.

Susan picking some "greens" early in the morning. 

One of the carrots from the garden.  When the roots hit a rock they head off every direction.  We have lots of rocks so we often get some very uniquely shaped carrots!

Supper cookin' in the solar cooker!

Susan holding the window in place so I can trace around it.

Susan washing the windows.  I only have enough pop-rivets installed to hold them in place.  They're steel shafts and with my hand boogered up I can't get a good grip to squeeze the handles.  I'll add the rest of the rivets next week.  I have one more window to put in the front then it'll be time to make the back wall and put a door in.

In the afternoon I replaced the front tire on the motorcycle.  They want a bunch of money at the shop to do this but I've been mounting/dismounting motorcycle tires since I was 14.  The new tires are tubeless which is even easier.  The tool for removing the tire that's laying across the screwdriver handles was purchased by me when I was 14.  The new ones are plastic and won't scratch aluminum wheels like this one will if you aren't careful.

The new tire is almost on now.

Tire on mounted and inflated to 33 PSI.

My hand is healing nicely.

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