Monday, October 4, 2010

4 October, 2010 Doors, Porch Lights and Rain

I rode the motorcycle into Eureka to do laundry on Friday.  We couldn't find Susan's helmet even though we spent a couple of hours looking everywhere we could think of so I made a solo ride.  The wather was clear but a little cool.  It felt great to be on the bike again.  I also installed a porch light by the main entrance.  We've had it laying around awhile and I needed a quick project so I mounted and wired it. Saturday we had company and Tristan ran the generator most of the day so I cast a bunch of lead bullets and melted down scrap lead into ingots.  Sunday I went to church in the morning.  Susan and Tristan did some yard clean-up projects.  When I got home Tristan split about a half pickup load of wood and stacked it in the woodshed.  I worked on the back door.  This door has had an interesting life.  It was used when we got it.  It has steel outer skin on both sides, solid wood core with a large window. It was first used on the back of the cabin before we built the addition.  Then it was moved and fitted to the new back door in the addition.  We built a small entryway outside it then enclosed the entryway and I moved the door to the new location.  Rcently we decided to change it so that the hinges are on the right as you exit rather than on the left as it was.  So ... I turned it around so the hinges were on the right side.  It involved cutting the wood in the doorframe to fit the hinges then I had to modify the hinges to get more clearance.  I also had to inlet the place for the latch and fit the hardware for that and turn the door nob around so that the key cylinder faced outward.  For some reason I also had to shave some wood off the edge of the door to make it fit.  On top of that my chisel needed to be sharpened so I sharpened it and honed the edge then had to do the same to my Jack Plane.  Anyway, it took all afternoon to finish the job!  Tristan helped me take the ladder out to my tree stand.  It's about 400 yards from the house back in the woods.  Now it's ready for occupancy when I get the time.  We watched Tora, Tora, Tora on TV in the evening.  Today (Monday) has been rainy all day so we've been working on our writing.  I finished up an article and we're both writing books as we have the time.  Many of the chapters in mine are already written in the form of articles I've sold so I've been going through files and organizing them.  It's been a productive day so far.  I'll probably have to run the generator tonight to charge the battery bank.  The solar power has been dismal today.  The leaves are falling off the brush so I'm having a more difficult time finding good foraging places to tether the goat.

The jar on the left holds one gallon, the next one holds a half-gallon.  Both have dried huckleberries in them.  The two smaller jars are one quart and one pint for comparison purposes.  Susan has been drying onions and squash as fast as she can run them through the dehydrator and is still harvesting herbs and drying them.

Susan has squash peelings (and other things we'll use for goat food) drying on top of the Cherokee.  From the angle of the picture she must have been standing on top of the Uhaul when she took it.

She took this one standing on top of my pickup.  I wondered why I had people tracks on the hood of my truck then I saw this picture.

Dinner last night!  Susan makes good pizza!

We celebrated Stephen's birthday Saturday.  I like birthdays ... lots of good food!

And of course the cat doing what it does best ... sleeping in contorted positions.

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