Saturday, October 16, 2010

13-15 October, 2010 Harvest Time

The weather is getting colder so Susan has been putting in more time harvesting the garden and putting it to bed for the winter.  I've been working on the Uhaul primarily with a couple other minor tasks thrown in.

A friend took this picture with a timer.  He got it over in eastern Montana.  He didn't know about the cat that came to visit until he saw the picture at home.

Susan picked the last of the celery in the garden.  The cold weather kind of revitalized it.

We planted one small patch of beets.

Susan digging potatoes in one small patch.  The soil is loose enough here that she doesn't need a shovel.  She just pulls the plant up and startd digging around with her hands.

Potatoes curing in the house before she puts them in the root cellar.

Slow progress on the Uhaul.  The framing is braced up pretty tight to withstand the miles on the road.

One small patch of rutabagas next to the tomatoes.

We picked the last of the tomatoes and pulled the plants.

A turnip patch.

Our Pinto beans didn't do well.  Even those grown in the hoop house suffered from the cold summer.

The cat in another goofy sleeping position.

Celery leaves drying.  Once dry they'll be ground into powder and used in soups, etc.

Rose hips drying.

Potatoes and carrots.  The carrots came up volunteer in the potato patch and were pulled when the potatoes were harvested.  This had been a great year for carrots and rutabagas.  The potatoes did okay.  Anything growing above ground had to contend with early frosts and a cold summer.

Celery stalks cut into pieces and serving their time in the dehydrator.

When I was working on the Uhaul the dog brought her "toys" over so she could guard them and watch me work on the Uhaul.  She has a deer skull, tennis ball (she has me trained to throw it for her), a small block of wood and a small bone that's hard to see in the picture. 

The cat and dog playing in the Uhaul while I work.

The buffalo at feeding time.

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