Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last Window and Grouse Hunting

We spent most of the morning on our computers writing.  It takes until 11:00 or so for the dew to evaporate and it sometimes takes even longer in the woods.  I installed the final window in the Uhaul this afternooon.  After that I fed the buffalo and then went grouse hunting.  It's the first time I've gone hunting for just grouse in a long time.  The archery season for deer and elk starts the weekend after the opening for grouse so I usually spend time hunting them and grouse are just incidental takes if I happen to get a shot at one.  They aren't hard to hit with an arrow if you see them before they fly.  I've gotten more with arrows than with a shotgun.  I've shot some with my 44 magnum just because that's all I had with me (head shots only with the .44).  They are very good eating!!!!  Unfortunately today I only saw one and he had too many trees between us before I could get a shot.

I walked about three miles through my main deer hunting area.  Didn't see a lot of deer sign until the last mile.  They're hiding out in the timber west of our house.  There was a lot of bear sign.  There are bushels of mushroom ready to harvest.  If I get time tomorrow I'm going to pick a bunch to dehydrate.  Susan worked in the garden this afternoon and did some plant identification.

The goat is trim and slim when I tether him out to eat.  After about two hours he looks like he's pregnant.

Inside looking out the new front window.

This is what it looks like from the front.  Before we put the insulation and paneling on the inside I need to run new wiring for the running lights.

This is the plant Susan was identifying.

I saw lots of mushrooms while hunting.  This one caught my eye because it went to so much work to grow!

A bear did this.  I found several other places where they had ripped apart logs and stumps.  It was getting dark and the pictures didn't come out on most of them.  There was a lot of scat of varying ages evident too. 

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