Monday, October 11, 2010

Cloudy skies Monday morning.

When we were in Kalispell Saturday we bought some aluminum rivets so I finished
 riveting in all the windows in the Uhaul.

It was a cool morning!  Susan harvested more rutabagas and potatoes from the garden.  She brought the wheel barrow inside for the next step.

A chipmonk decided to take a look to make sure we weren't messing up his territory.

The squash plants are finished so she pulled them. They went to the compost pile.

The cat and dog can have gotten used to each other and took some time to play.

Our tomatoes stored in the house are ripening.  Susan cut up a bunch of them to dehydrate.

Some of the mushrooms I picked and dried.  These are a type of Bolete.

The chickens are getting used to the dog now.  Before they'd hang back until I called the dog somewhere else.  I let them out in the late afternoons to eat bucks or whatever else they can find.  I feed them chicken feed in the mornings.

Four eggs today.  They are slowing down on laying eggs as the days get shorter and colder.  Cloudy days slow down production too.

I'm cutting the rhubarb down for the winter.  We cut the stalks off at ground level.

Sunrise Tuesday morning.  It started off cloudy but cleared up during the day.

Susan is cutting the tops off the rutabagas.  Shell store the bottoms in the root cellar and dry the tops for use a goat food later.

I thought we had a bunch of 2X6's I could rip down for use in the Uhaul but after two hours of looking the pile was pretty pathetic.  We dipped into our stash and scrounged up some money to buy some supplies at Lowes and Home Depot in Kalispell.  There's almost $300.00 spent in these two carts.  We went through another hundred-plus at Home Depot.

We looked over panelling at both stores and decided on this.  It was a lot more than we planned to spend but we liked it better than the cheaper stuff.  Since we plan on spending several months a year in the Uhaul/camper we decided to bite the bullet and get what we liked.

We put the wood on the trailer and packed the insulation in the Cherokee and headed home.  We made it fine with the load but it was almost 9:00 pm when we pulled in the driveway.  Tomorrow I can start on the inside of the Uhaul.

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