Sunday, October 31, 2010

27 - 30 October, 2010 Monsoon Season???

Susan got the rest of the chicken food (all 350 lbs. of it) in plastic buckets and stored in various places.  On Wed. Susan made chili, cornbread and dinner rolls for supper.  On Thursday evening it was chicken mixed with gravy and poured over mashed potatoes. Friday we had barbequed hamburgers with home made buns and french fried potatoes. Saturday Susan made cream of potatoe soup using potatoes, turnips, and jerusalem artichokes.  We try to use food we produce at home for most of our meals. 
The weather has been drizzly rain all week long so it's been difficult to get much done outside.  I've been writing and working on the Uhaul and hunting at time and weather permits.  Trapping season opens tomorrow so I've spent a little time getting stuff ready for that too.

Susan made dinner rolls and we were out of bread so one morning I made French toast using dinner rolls.  It came out pretty good.

We've been shelling dried beans as we have time.  These were grown from the seedlings we started indors and transplanted into the garden last spring.

Dried rutabaga, turnip, beet and carrot tops for  use as goat food.

Carrot and potato peelings being dried for goat food.

The cat was feeling "outdoorsey" so it decided to sleep next to my web gear and magazines.

Tomato, parsley, pepper, basil growing in pots on a south facing window.  The tomato was started from a branch trimmed off of another plant.  (Thanks for the idea John and Denise!)

Dried lemon balm.  It makes the best tea (especially mixed with a little honey!).

This is what you do when it's 16 miles round trip over bad roads to the nearest store -- about an hour and 15 minutes of driving time -- when you don't have any miniature marshmallows at home.  You cut up some rgular size marshmallows.

Home made hamburger buns.   Much better than store bought.

French fries using potatoes from the garden.

Susan going through some of the wheat we grew last summer.  The next step was to take it outside and winnow it so the wind could blow away the chaff.

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