Wednesday, October 20, 2010

18-20 October, 2010 - Carrots and Pizza

We've been busy putting the garden to bed.  We've got all the beets, turnips and rutabagas dug so the only thing we have left out there are the Jerusalem Artichokes.  The rutabagas did well, the potato crop was disappointing (last year we planted less but harvested more), and the carrots did fantastic.

The last patch of carrots from the garden.  These still need to have the tops cut off, sorted and stored.

These are from our original carrot patch.  We left a few in the ground after the first year and let them go to seed the second year.  Everything that has come up in the last four years are "volunteer carrots" from the original seed. 

We sorted five buckets of these this morning.  One box of small carrots and multiple leg carrots to be used first, another for the large carrots for long term storage in the root cellar.  The green tops will be dried and used as goat food.

Susan cutting the tops off and sorting them for the root cellar.

Our daughter gave us some apples from their trees.  Susan made a pie out of the first batch.

I decided to clean the ashes out of the wood stove while it was cooled down during the day.  We've been using it in the mornings and evenings now that the weather has turned colder

The cat inspecting my work.

The chickens were absolutely sure there was food in the empty ash pan.

The goat's getting his winter coat and has managed to grow a goatee during the summer.

Susan decided to make chicken and dumplings for supper.  Of course this is a rabbit but we didn't tell Tristan.  He thought he was having chicken with his dumpling.

We didn't tell him that when he thought he was eating "potatoes" he was also eating rutabagas and turnips.

We had a warm afternoon and Susan found the paint sprayer so she got started painting the Uhaul.

I've started on the ceiling now.  When I finish it I'll do the front wall next then I'll build the back wall and door.  After that it'll be time to put in the insulation and paneling.  The dog was hoping Susan had some dog treats instead of just a camera.

Susan getting our last jar of pizza sausage from the root cellar.  We raised and butchered two hogs a couple of years ago.  She made breakfast sausage and pizza sausage out of part of the meat.  Both were good but the pizza sausage is the best we've ever had.

Dinner tonight!

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