Monday, October 11, 2010

9 -10 October, 2010 Rainy Days and Time in Town

We spent most of Saturday in Kalispell visiting kids.  We actually saw all seven kids, their spouses and all the grandchildren in one day at their own homes.  That's a lot of running around.  I spent the morning working on an article, taking pictures, etc.  I'm glad I took the outdoor pictures in the morning because it clouded up for the rest of the day.  Sunday it rained all day.  I finished up the article I worked on Saturday and got it sent (email on this one ... much easier and faster than working by snail mail).  I got approval close to deadline for this one so I was under a time crunch with kids coming on Thursday and Friday and going into Kalsipell on Saturday.  I had to have it in by Sunday evenng.  We went to our oldest son's place and swapped some CSI DVD's.  We had borrowed the first year so we took it back and picked up the rest of them he had.  It's the first time I saw his boat.  He bought a boat to use on Flathead lake.  It's a 16 footer with high sides and inboard engine.  A good boat for a lake of that size.  It can get pretty nasty in a hurry.  He bought a downrigger and a high quality fish finder and GPS system for it.  He's a lot more serious about fishing than I am.

Hannah, our second youngest grandchild.

I love grandma ... especially when she lets me chew on her cell phone.

Of course all this adult conversation gets a little boring ...

I think I'll play with her glasses ... opps, turn the picture!!!!

That's better!

I think I'll just look adorable for this one.

Bored teenagers with too much time on their hands ...

I found a friend!

I love iced tea (I think).

There were other people we saw during the day but they kept ducking from the camera...

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