Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1 Mar. 2011 - Burro hunting...eagle watching

We checked the weather forecast (Frequency 162.55) and they said the wind would be calm today so we took our kayaks over to the "island" to do some exploring.  

The mound of "rock" in front of the kayak is our objective.  It took us abut 45 minutes of paddling time to reach it.

There was a beautiful sandy beach in a cove just to the south of it.  We ditched the kayaks there and took off walking.

We quickly located wild burro tracks and found this bed where they'd slept the night before.

There are trails through the brush.  We found primarily burro and coyote tracks on the trails.

The circle was made by the weed.  When the wind blows it rotates around it's base and the top drags on the ground drawing a circle in the dirt.

This is the south side of the cliffs we were going to explore.  We thought they were on an island but when we reached them we saw it was all solidly anchored to land.  The top is part of a ridgeline that you can't see from out camp.  We also saw it had two large holes through it. 

We heard the burros and finally located some.  The first one to head for the hills was this momma and her baby.  The baby blended in almost perfectly.  It's right behind it mother.

This is a second burro.  We named him "Eyore" because he didn't seem to get in much of a hurry over anything.

While we were watching them a coyote came trotting into view but left as soon as he spotted us. He was in excellent shape so he's finding plenty to eat.

There were some other draws and canyons we wanted to explore so we headed out again.

Another desert resident.

When we returned to the beach for lunch I found this motorcycle in the sand.  Our grandchildren will love it!

Fire with flint and steel ... I used a butane lighter to get it started.

Susan enjoying our break at the beach.

We hunted these down at the local grocery store and prepared them on a driftwood fire.

Up the rock field to the caves above.

We spotted this Bald Eagle.  It was nice enough to stay for pictures.

This photo was taken from the north side.

Those two big "rocks" that fell off the wall are a mixture of sand, clay and gravel.  The big one is balanced very precariously.  (It's the one the eagle was on.)

There was a nice breeze blowing through.  This is the west one.

Susan in the east one.

The way back down to the beach.

And now paddling back "home."

The dog was chewing on our firewood then started acting silly for the camera.


Susan took this from the top of the camper.

Susan sending a text message.  A couple of feet elevation gain gives you a couple more bars of service.

The dog and cat playing in the brush.

Dinner ... It took awhile for the fire to burn down to some good cooking coals but it was worth the wait.  The fresh hamburgers were a real treat for the evening.

Our utdoor kitchen and dining room.  It's sooo nice to have a calm day.

As the sun set in the evening the shadows brought new views of the ridges across the lake.  The "island" where we spent the day is clearly visible with the telephoto and the late afternoon shadows.  It looks like some ancient ruins.

Sunset.  The colors were even better in real life.

As the fire burned down in the evening we noticed that we were being "watched" from the fire.

When the fire burned out we watched a movie then went to bed.  It was a great day overall.

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