Wednesday, March 30, 2011

24-26 March, 2011 - Desert wanderings

Disclaimer?  (or just whining?)  My camera misnamed and otherwise messed up all the photos I had saved in the 24-26 March folder so this blog will be kind of short...

Susan made fried apple pies for breakfast this morning using some fresh apples we picked up at WalMart. She mixed up the crust then cut up the apples and mixed in the spices with them.  She then added filling to the crust, folded the crust over and fried them in the skillet. They were very good.  It's amazing what she can cook in a frying pan!

One of the wild flowers we found.  Susan is going to put all the flower pictures in ne folde on her computer.  Don't ever think of the desert as a dead place.  It's full of both animal and plant life.

The cat woke up ready to take on the dog.  It's a good thing the dog is benevolent.

Susan got some good pictures of "Ninja Cat" doing it's thing on top of the camper.  Unfortunately those are some my computer messed up and I don't have time to straighten it out today.  (The cat was trying to catch bugs.)

It astounds our friends that we can get cell phone service almost anywhere out here.  At home we have lots of dead zones with no cell service.

Susan on one of our exploration trips.  We spend a lot of time just wandering around.  You wouldn't believe how many pictures we've taken during this trip.

More wildflowers.

I'm washing dishes, Susan is washing clothes in the five-gallon bucket.  The dog is supervsing in the cat's absence.

The evening sun hitting the mountains east of us. 

Odie found a rather large burrow to sniff around.  She didn't stick her head into this one!

That pesky cat!

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