Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5-7 March 2011 Thermostats and Washboards

Saturday morning we headed into Overton to shop at the thrift store.They're only open two mornings a week and since we were going in on Saturday thought we'd go a little early and check things out.  After that we went a coule of blocks and stopped at the olcal ice-cream store.  The motorcycle pictured below was int he parking lot with it's rather unique trailer in tow.
This is hooked ot a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle.  The "people" are barbie dolls.

View from the rear corner.

We spent the day in the library.  Somehow the subject of pizza came up so we stopped at the local grocery store.  If you buy the pizza there they'll cook it for free so we took them up on the offer.  It was a large ham and pineapple pizza for $9.88.  They gave us another two dollars off because they had problems with their oven and it took awhile before it was finished.  It was worth the wait. 

We declared Sunday a work-at-home day.  I washed dishes then while Susan washed laundry I changed the thermostat on the U-Haul.  At least I attempted to! 

When I got the housing off I found out it had two thermostats.  Since I'd only purchased one there was a problem!

I decided to test the old ones so I found an old can, filled it with water and placed it on the stove to bring it to boiling.  I needed a wire to handle the thermostats with so I found a cut-off section of left-over house wiring and pulled the un-insulated ground wire out. 

I made it into a hook to suspend the thermostat in the water and brought it to a boil.  Normally I'd have a thermometer in the water to see what temperature the thermostat opend at but I didn't have a suitable thermometer here.  Anyway both thermostats opened before the water reached boiling hot so theoretically they're both "good" ... maybe!  I've had a lot of parts pass a bench test like this one yet fail when installed in the vehicle but I think in this case they are probably okay.  I'm going to replace them anyway just to be safe.  The heating problem acts like either a bad thermostat or a guage problem.  If I still have the problem after installing the new parts I'll check the wiring, sender, etc. out for the temperature gauge.

I can't put it together until I get another thermostat but I could get everything ready for that time.  The parts store didn't list a gasket so I have to make my own out of bulk gasket material.  In order to do that you put the gasket materiel on the thermostat housing and tap around the edge with a hammer at about a 45 degree angle.  It acts like a paper cutter and cuts the gasket to fit the housing.

When I put my tool box together I tried to be multi-purpose on my tools so I took my ball-peen mechanic's hammer out and put a claw hammer in thinking I'd be more likely to need the claw hammer and it would work for pounding chisels etc. as well.  About the only thing I ever use the rounded "peen" end for is installing rivets or cutting gaskets.  I haven't cut a gasket out in years but now that I left my ball-peen hammer at home look what I needed to do!

First hole finished!

Second hole nearly cut ...

Finished.  I got it done with the claw hammer but the ball-peen hammer would have been faster and done a nicer job.  This will work though.  All the pieces are cleaned and waiting until I get the other thermostat in town.

Susan didn't have her washboard from home but found a way to use the ramp for the U-Haul to accomplish her mission.  My "work" pants usually need a good scrubbing to get the dirt out of them.  When she finishes they'll be as clean and spot/stain free as the day they were made.

Our clothesline in use.

We even cleaned up the dog.  She's getting her baking soda bath because she was starting to smell like a dog.  She loves these since she gets a really good rub-down while we work the baking soda in.  We then brush her out which she thoroughly enjoys as well.

Susan made some strawberry muffins using dehydrated strawberries from our garden.  They were very good (especially when she put the frosting on them!). 

She tried cooking them in the frying pan first but they stuck to the bottom so she finished them up in the muffin pan.

We had intermittent rain and lightening all day Monday so we didn't have any big plans for the day.  Mostly reading and writing but we did take the bicycles out and ride around the area just for fun.

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