Saturday, March 19, 2011

16-17 March, 2011 Moving day...

Wednesday was moving day.  We've done most of what we want to do at this spot for now and will move to a place closer to town for the next leg of our journey.  We're loading up to move to the wildlife area near Overton for a few days.

We went to a lot of work gathering firewood which is very scarce around ehre so we loaded what was left in the camper and on the trailer.  This is the inside of the camper just before leaving.

We loaded the Motorcycle on the trailer first.  I drove it up the ramp then put the tie-downs on.

We loaded the rest of the stuff after that.  We put the bicycles in the camper to get to them easier.  The MC will stay on the trailer until we get the new rear tire for it.

Say bye to Stewart's Point.

We parked at our new location then rode the bicycles into town.  We stopped at the parts store to pick up the MC tire.  They let UPS drop it off there and held it until we picked it up.  Attaching it to the bicycle was the next step.

We used bungee cords to attach the bottom tot he bike rack then made a shoulder harness out of rope I brought and tied the top part of the tire to the harness.  It worked very well.  There was just enough tension to keep the tire upright on the rear rack.  We went from teh parts store to the post office to pick up a package that we had waiting there.

This is one of the roads on the WMA where we're parked.  There are lots of birds there including road runners and quail plus lots of cotton tail rabbits.  The dog is delighted with her new playmates. 

Our campsite.

On the 17th (Thursday) we rode bicycles into town with our laundry.  We don't like laundrymats because our clothes never get as clean but it was that or haul more water so we took the easy route.  Our clothesline is a rope dedicated to that task (the rope stays clean that way!)

I bought this tent at a yard sale.  I've been sleeping on a tarp outside but the mosquitos are becoming a problem.  The tent was part of the bag full of stuff I bought for a dollar.  It's a cheap tent but in good shape (and mosquito free!)

We made supper over the fire outside. 
we had mashed potatoes with ham mixed in then covered with shredded cheese.

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