Wednesday, March 9, 2011

8 March 2011 Lots of Fun on Hard Surfaces.

Our plans for the day are to go back and explore the other fork to see where the canyon leads.

Susan loaded up the solar cooker with our supper before we left.  The cardboard in back is to shelter it from the wind.

The cat had already implimented his plans for the day.

This is the view fromt he parking lot.  We'll be heading for the big notch in the rocks.

This was our first difficult climb.  If you look close you can see a little bit of a sloping ledge near the opening in the rock.  We climbed along the slope from the right side to where the ledge is.  From there we edged along the front until under the opening.  From there it was time to pull up and over the top.

This is a view from the side as I edge along the front.  I have one more step us on a protruding rock.  Then I'll grab onto a bush growing inside the opening and pull myself up and in.

This is looking down from the upper side after we made it up.  The trough with the bush is where we climbed over.  The bush has small branches hanging down to grap onto and pull the heftier part of the plant down to use as a rope.  I't firmly anchored in a crack in the rock.  (Believe me, I checked bfore putting my wieght on it!)

This is climbing up out of the same place.  It was one of those times when your back was literally "against the wall" going up.

Here is near the top of the climb where we stopped for a snack.

Looking the other way (back down) from the same place the previous picture was taken.  The parking lot is below the "V" shaped by the canyon walls.

One of the places we went up (and back down).

Susan at another bottleneck.

Me on the way back down.

This is one of those places we wondered why we hadn't brought a hang glider.

Another "fun" ledge to travel on.

And more downhill!

More uphill???  Must have got the picture in the wrong order!

We originally went up this which is a much easier direction in this spot.

Hold that pose dear while I get my camera out!

When we told the dog about it she became exhausted and went to sleep.  Or maybe she was just bored!  Kinda' hard to tell which.

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