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2-3 March 2011 - Bicycle Ride to Echo Bay

We spent some time in Overton at the library then filled water jugs and headed for "home."  The bean sprouts finally made it to eatin' stage so we've been munching on them at meals.  A good thing to remember about sprouts is that they're a way to get some verstility out of your stored seeds.  If times came about that you needed to eat food from your garden or starve, sprouts can fill some of the gaps in the menu until the garden begins producing.  You get some fresh-food benefits without the wait. Sprouts "mature" in days where the earliest garden crops take weeks to mature.

These are the sprouts Susan began a few days ago.  It will take us a couple of days to finish these off.  She has several ways of sprouting seeds so we have a constant supply of them whenever we want.

The park in Overton.

We fill gallon jugs with water to take to the U-Haul.  We get two gallons in each saddle bag.  We also have one six gallon and two seven gallon cantaners of water in the U-Haul.  just in case we don't get into town.  We're going to try some lake water filtering and purification next week just to see how practical it is for long term living away from the hydrant. 

The wind was relatively calm so we decided to cook over a fire tonight.

I always let the fire burn down to coals so it doesn't soot up the pans.  We have dehydrated stew mix in the skillet.

On the third we rode bicycles to Echo Bay.  It's about 15 miles each way from our campsite so it was a thirty-mile round trip.  We thought the turtle crossing sign was interesting.  You don't see many of those in Montana.

One of the valleys on the road to Echo Bay.

In case you were wondering, it is a looonngg drop to the bottom.

There's a campground on the north side of the road going into Echo Bay.  It's mostly occupied by  motorhomes and large campers.

This was taken from the top of the boat ramp.  The water used  come almost to where we were standing to take the picture.

Just in case you thought we were joking about the wind ...  These were posted ont he doors of the hotel and restaurant.  Both were closed for the season which annoyed us somewhat.  We had hoped to have a nice dinner in a real restaurant.  We keep forgetting that it's winter here.  This is more like June in Montana.  Anyway...we had to ride down to the marina to get something to eat.

This is the walk to the marina.  We thought about riding our bicycles on it but decided not to.  That's Susan on the ramp.

We have a son who is a firefighter and thought he'd get a kick out of the fireboat.

These are carp waiting for a handout in one of the boat parking spots  (can't remember what they call them!).

Looks like a person kept on hand some vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, salt and borax they could make a cleaner for just about everything.

This is the highest point on our trip.  It's actually about fifty feet above the highest part of the highway but it was a good place to take some pictures and look around.  Looking south towards Las Vegas.

This is looking down at our next destination.  We'll be exploring the canyons beyond the parking area.  We had to take the bikes down the road about 1/4 mile to find a way dwn off the road.  We parked them and walked up the dry streambed.

We took a left at the fork and looked the first draw over.  There was pool of water in a basin near the bottom.

Me climbing out of the bassin witht he water in it.  It isn't as deep as the camera makes it appear.  I'm actually climbing up and through the gap on the right side of the boulder in the previous photo.

We hit a dead end after a hundred yards of so.  This is the bottom.

This is what was above the previous photo.  Climbing up wouldn't have been too difficult but coming back down might have been a problem.

Looking back the way we'd come.

This is Susan climbing out of the depression where the water was.  It was posted in the wrong order.

Our next stop was Roger's Spring.  It's a hot spring that  has easy access by vehicles so is quite popular.

There are thousands of small fish (minnows) that people feed bread to.  We have more photos but I dodn't have time to post them all.  Susan may have more on her trip blog.

Dinner that evening.  We were hot and tired after riding the bikes and exploring so hot food didn't sound good at all.  We each mixed our version of fruit salad.

Of course, mine had a large chocolate muffin as the centerpiece.

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