Monday, February 28, 2011

25-28 Feb 2011 - Lots and Lots of wind...

The wind started blowing in earnest on Friday (25th) and grew and grew and grew!  It was by far the worst windstorm we've ever been through.  We spent a day and night being bounced and buffeted.  If you went outside you got pelted by sand (not much dust though) but it sure got tiresome being stuck inside all the time.  We both got lots of writing done!  It began decreasing in stages on Saturday then the rain began coming down and it rained hard several times Saturday night.  We hadn't been able to put the solar panel out Friday or Saturday due to the high winds so we ran out of battery power Saturday evening.  We used a battery lantern for awhile to read with then went to bed a little early Saturday evening.  Sunday it was cloudy with intermittent light rain but cleared off and was sunny again by Sunday afternoon.  I put the solar panel back out Sunday morning despite the cloudy weather and by evening the battery was back to full power.  I washed dishes Sunday afternoon and Susan went on a long bicycle ride.

Hmmm!  This writing stuff doesn't look that hard.  Maybe I'll change the pasword to something like "catsrule."

Or maybe I'll take a nap instead.

Susan decided to make orange muffins using tang for the orange flavoring and color.

Yep! ... They're pretty good!  (The dog will just have to take my word for it.)

The waves after two days of high winds.

The dog didn't even like being outside.

Susan having a bad hair day!

You had to be careful coming in or out or the wind would blow you right off the ramp.  It took two hands to close the door to the camper and sometimes it took two people to get it closed.

On cold days Susan like to do some baking.  First because the food is good and second because it helps warm up the camper.  She doesn't have much counter space so puts the cutting board on the floor to roll out the dough.  It's my job to keep the cat and dog at bay.

She's taking biscuits out of the top rack so she can put the pie in their place.

It's as good as it looks!

The wind finally calmed down so Odie and I could go for our normal morning bike ride. (Okay, she runs, I ride the bike!)

Susie the sun lizard!  We still had a little wind so she used the hood of the U-Haul to lay on.  The truck's box shielded her from the wind and the sun was far enough west to provide a little solar heat.

We had rose hip tea for supper.  We picked and dried these at home.

My request for supper was beans and dumplings with bacon added in.  The bacon is some Susan canned at home.

It just needed browned.

She fried the biscuits in the bacon grease, then ...

put them aside and cooked the beans and bacon strips together.  The beans are some she'd cooked and dehydrated at home.  Since they were already cooked she only needed to re-hydrate them and heat them to make them ready to eat.

Mix it all together and we had three of the four basic food groups in Kentucky (Beans, bacon, lard and whiskey ... she forgot to bring any whiskey!)

The moon just before sunrise this morning (Monday the 28th).

Vec.  This is Echo Bay viewed from our "front porch" with the telephoto feature in use.

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