Monday, February 14, 2011

13 February, 2011 Soaking up the sun!!!

We left the Overton library around 2:00 pm then filled the U-Haul with gasoline. Our average mpg for the trip looks to be around 9.5 mpg. We then went to the hardware store and purchased a chain to tie the mutt when she gets wanderitus, some WD-40 and a few other odd-n-ends. We next went to McDonalds then to the park to fill water jugs. We brought two 7 gallon and one 6 gallon jugs. After that we hit the road to our next stop at Stewart’s Point.
We found one of our “old” spots vacant and set up camp. So far the weather has been fantastic. It’s so nice to walk outside without coats and insulated boots and spend a few hours just soaking up the warm sun.

Me at the Moapa Valley Library in Overton, Nevada.  (Probably posting the previous blog.)

Unloading the trailer.

We originally were going to put the kayaks on top of the U-Haul but I didn't get the rck built in time so they rode on the trailer.

I took off on an early morning ride on the bicycle and decided I needed more air in the tires. I'm about 200 yards from camp.

We found some cool caves in the area ...

I could just imagine "cave men" living their lives with the sabre tooth tigers as neighbors ...  I even thought of talking about finding stone tools etc. in the caves ...

Then Susan said she was going to rat me out!  One of our daughters makes really life-like clay figures so next year I'm going to have her make some miniature cave people to set up here.

Susan took advantage of the sunshine to put the solar cooker to use.  Those are potatoes from out garden in there now.

Next a couple of handfulls of dehydrated peas and carrots (also from our garden).

And some canned venison chunks from home.

We decided to bring a solar panel from home to have solar power while we're in camp.

The back of the U-Haul is facing south so we set up the solar cooker, solar panel and the solar shower to take advantage of the sun's energy.

The cat was a little cautious on it's first exit to the outdoors but now you can't hardly get it back inside.

Susan taking advantage of some early morning sunshine.  It was still a little cool yet!

Me taking advantage of some afternoon sunshine. 

We did some scavenging for wood.  There are no real trees in the area but there seems to be quite a bit of driftwood on the beach.

Susan added some shelves once we got set up.

It made organizing much easier.

I got my first motorcycle ride in several months.  It was great!

I took a few minutes to shoot my longbow.  There's a lot of sandy draws to shoot in.  I just pick a target like the base of a bush and do some target practicing.  I'll take it out sometime in the next couple of days to try for some Jack Rabbits.

On the road to Overton this morning (the 14th).

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