Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 February, 2011 Cold weather and snow....

We got dumped on Saturday night.  The forecast was for light snow.  We got about eight inches and some very cold weather. 

The motorcycle was supposed to go in with us Sunday.  We were going to store it and the trailer at our son's house and pick it up on the way out of town but we decided to wait until we got rid of some snow.

One of our neighbor's went through with his redneck snowplow.  It works pretty good until the snow gets deep (about three feet or so).  We were going out as he was plowing.  The road was so slick I didn't think we'd be able to back up on the slopes.  He had the same problem and couldn't stop on the slopes nor could he back up.  So I walked ahead and flagged Susan forward on each downhill stretch.  When I saw him coming up the road I flagged Susan to pull over so she backed up into another neighbor's driveway to let him pass.   

This is a much better way to shovel snow!

We've tried several types of ice cleats over the years.  The two shown have proven the best for comfort, safety and longevity.  Those on the right are our favorites on hard ice but aren't as comfortable as those on the left.  Those on the left work best on packed snow.

The buffalo get fed every day, rain, shine, snowy, icy or whatever.  That's about a third of a bale of hay (about 25 pounds) I'm throwing over the fence.  I throw it into three piles so they'll share.  Otherwise the big boy gets first chance, then the cow, then the other two.

This has been the low for about three days now.  (Actually it gets about five degrees colder just as the sun rises.)  It was supposed to get up to 30 degrees today but I doubt if it will hit 10 above.

Susan got out her dry suit for swimming in Lake Mead.  In February it will be about the same temperature as our lakes are in late July.  By the time we leave the water will be toasty warm (by Montana standards).

She's taking some plants along with us on this trip.  Kind of an experimental container garden.  She planted cantaloupe in the back left pot, Romaine lettuce in the frint left pot and pea seeds in the dirt in the pot on the right.  (She punched the seeds in after taking the picture.)

We use the solar patio lights to charge AA (rechargeable) batteries and also for reading lights in the evenings.  The little pieces of foil make the lights brighter.  They come with rechargeable batteries but we often put in alkaline batteries because they last longer.  We've had the alkaline batteries last a month without recharging when using them as night lights for the kids.  The nice thing was we didn't have to worry about fire as we did with the kerosene lights.

We addded another name to the clan.  Another daughter had her second child over the weekend.  The girl (Hanna) in the photo above is her first child.  The one below is her second (Logan).

Mom and her new son.

Grandma and her new grandson.

Our second youngest grandson and grandma.

Susan packing stuff up for out trip.  She just keeps adding buckets!!!  We're trying to take everything we need except gasoline.  We'll see how well we did.

The work on the Uhaul is stopped while we wait for warmer weather.  It'd be nice if the temperature was at least up to 20 degrees.

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