Monday, February 28, 2011

22-24 February, 2011 Cold ride "home"....

The internet at the library was extrememly slow.  I had to break my DT blog into two parts because it timed out before it would post.  Fortunately I copied it before trying to post so I didn't lose anything.  Susan lost her entire post and had to re-do it.  The library closed before she finished so we took the motorcycle home.  It was in the late evening and the temperature had dropped considerably.  When we got to the camper it was 37 degrees.  Very invigorating on a motorcycle!  We went back into town to finish up her blog the next day but we made sure we were home long before dark.  While in town we bought some new spark plugs for the motorcycle.  We had chicken and dumlings for supper (cooked in the solar cooker).

Green grass ... Susan took this to send the picture home to our kids. They just got over 18 inches of new snow and temperatures below zero for several days. We thought we'd rub it in just a little bit!  Of course the kids that do snow-plowing were making lots of money so they didn't mind the snow too much.

Susan took the dog swimming in the lake.  Notice that she wore her dry-suit! 

Odie surveying her kingdom.

Had a flat tire on the bicycle.

Turned out I'd run a thorn through the sidewall of the tire so I patched the hole.

This got Susan's attention.  I was shaking the sand out of the tire before putting the tube back in.

Susan did a load of laundry down by the beach (with Odie's help of course!).

We moved the picninc table out and tied to clothesline to the picnic table, the truck's mirror and the back corner of the truck.

Susan decided to make some sprouts.  Alfalfa seed is our favorite but this is a mixture of peas, beans, etc. we're going to try out.

The fixin's for chili...

She used the solar cooker but she had to put it beside the truck to protect it from the wind. I spent most of the day writing.  We watched a movie in the evening then hit the sack!  The wind came up in the night and blew pretty hard.  We found out though that it was just getting warmed up for the real wind coming the next day!

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