Saturday, February 12, 2011

9 Febraury, 2011 On the Road Again???

We are currently in Kalispell and will be leaving soon. I don't have access to the camera so this will be text only. We finally got the insurance lined out and paid for so we finished up what we had planned for the U-Haul and hit the road. There'll be more details later. We left home Monday afternoon about dark. One of the first things we found out was the heater motor had developed some defects and squalled terribly when turned on so we drove to Kalispell without a heater or defroster. To say we were a bit chilled getting to Kalispell would be an understatement. I kept the wing vent cracked open which did a fair job of keeping the windshield defogged as long as we were going 25 mph or faster. We spent the night at my son's house then the next morning I drilled a small hole in the end of the blower motor above the rear bushing and put a few drops of oil in the hole. That fixed the squalling ... for now anyway. My son-in-law and I put a rebuilt axle shaft in his Subaru Tuesday also. Incidentally, the high was about 25 degrees yesterday which is why I didn't replace the blower motor. I think my "rigging" will last until we get to our destination where there are palm trees. My fingers just seem to work better when the temperature is warmer. I don't think they're difficult to install but once I begin I'll be committed to finish the job. I'd rather do it where it's warm!
I’m always being given a hard time because I tend to “over” build, or, in this case, over strap down. When I tethered the motorcycle to the trailer I used the straps on the front and the back then did an extra tie down with ropes on the front. Tuesday morning in Kalispell I checked the trailer and my front straps had broken so I was glad I’d overdone things a bit. The ropes on front were holding fine and the rear straps were also tight I repaired the broken straps and re-anchored the front of the bike. We spent the rest of the day visiting kids/grandkids.
We spent last night at the same son's house. It was 5 above this morning. He'd broken several 1/2 to 3/8 drive adapters trying to get the rear tires off a car he repaired the transmission on (to sell). They had aftermarket rims and you had to use a thin wall socket and he didn't have any 1/2 drive sockets that would fit. I had some with me so we used them. They were so tight he had to use a cheater bar to get them loose. At one point he lifted the back wheel off the ground before the lug nut broke loose. Anyway, we got the tires changed over. By then it was up to 10 above. We are now at our youngest's house and will head south from there later today. Hopefully we will have no further vehicle problems.
The weather forecast shows more cold weather but no snow. It doesn’t get appreciably warmer until we hit southern Utah.

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