Saturday, February 12, 2011

12 February, 2011 Overton, Nevada

We pulled into Overton (our destination) this morning around 9:00 am.  We left Kalispell the morning of the 10th (a day later than planned).  The temperature was about 15 above zero with light winds out of the north.  We took Hwy. 93 south to Missoula then I-90 east almost to Butte then I-15 south the rest of the way.  Not much to tell about.  The trip was uneventful (which is usually good) for the most part.  We spent the first night south of Idaho Falls in a rest area.  The night time low was 8 degrees F and it was 24 degrees in the U-Haul.  We bundled up tightly in our winter sleeping bags along with a thick oversize sleeping bag on top of both of us.  The heater in the cab was disappointing to say the least so we were both cold going to bed.  In my case my feet felt nearly frostbitten but we warmed up quickly in the sleeping bags.  The temperatures stayed low until we were near the southern end of Utah.

Mechanical problems have been few.  We were a bit bothered when I had to put a quart of oil in after the first hundred miles but it hasn't used a drop since then.  Fuel mileage averaged about 6 mpg the first hundred miles also but is now almost 10 mpg.  Tha't's still nothing to brag about but it's a lot better than 6!  As we got near Utah's southern border the temperature gauge began rising on the truck so we kept a close watch on it.  We kept going until we hit Mesquite, Nevada.  We had planned to spend the night there anyway but just before we hit out exit the Highway Patrol had traffic stopped for an accident and was routing everyone off at our exit so we spent the next twenty minutes there.  As soon as we slowed down the temperature guage rose above the run zone so we pulled off on the shoulder of the off-ramp and let the truck cool down.  I have a pressure relief valve on the radiator cap so I let the pressure off and checked the water level.  It was okay and didn't seem to be hot so I'm wondering if the temperature sensor is going bad.  Anyway, when traffic got moving again we turned left to find the visitor center where we planned on spending the night.  It was closed but they didn't say you couldn't park there for the night so we did.  It was nice to be in short-sleeve weather again (finally!). 

We had eaten earlier so we had a snack Susan had made and went to bed. 

The next morning (today) we headed on in to Overton.  Once in Overton we stopped to spend some time at the library where we have internet access and can get caught up on our blogs and email.  After awhile we'll go on out to the lake and find a camping spot.

The finished bathroom wall.  Susan put a curtain across right after the picture was taken.

I'm strapping down the kayaks on the trailer.  We put some padding on the side rails to protect the kayaks.  the green thing on the back is a folding picnic table. 

Tristan is getting ready to take one of the solar panels down.

Everything is loaded up and once we get the trailer hooked up we're on our way.

Tristan is up ahead in his pickup.  He had a radio with him to warn us of incoming traffic.  He's about half way up the first hill.  We are have just pulled out of the driveway.  Our property goes to the top of the hill in the foreground.

Our first morning out from Kalispell.  We're finally on the way south.

The dog decided another pair of eyes on the road would be helpful.

Our first home-cooked??? meal on the road.  It's about 25 degrees inside the camper while this was being cooked.  The stew is some that was given to us years ago.  We got it from someone who inherited it after a relative died.  The original person stored it for Y2K so it's at least 12 years old.  The people who inherited it are vegetarians so they gave us all the cans that had meat in them.  I'd give the stew a "C" but the sausage and chili we've had from the same company was very good.  We use it for back packing food sometimes.  Once you open the can though you have to get it used up.

Ham and cheese sandwich with hot cocoa at one of our rest stops.

Entering Utah

We stopped here for gasoline and then pulled off along the road to have lunch.

Crossing the Arizona state line (I think!).  Night time with a slow shutter speed in a moving vehicle doesn't give too good a picture quality!  We only had about 30 miles in AZ.

Susan finally got to hug a Palm tree when we stopped for the night in Mesquite, Nevada.

Our home for the night.

Wishful thinking! We'll have the motorcycle unloaded by evening though.

No coats and no snow!  Finally!!!!

Susan has a trip blog at if you want more details.

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