Friday, April 29, 2011

27-29 April, 2011 Spring Cleaning

We're in the middle of spring clean-up.

The weather is temperamental to say the least.  The last three days have had intermittent "ice-ball" snowstorms during the day and night.  In the picture above you can see another one coming in from the west...

This is what the little buggers look like when they reach us.  They're just small balls of snow.

I'm going through my scrap wood piles and sorting through what's good and what's not worth saving.  Here I'm taking apart some wooden frames to salvage lumber we can use for other projects.

We salvaged an old rabbit hutch we're no longer using.  Susan is removing sheet metal roofing panels from the top.  I'm getting ready to clean out the old rabbit droppings for use on the garden.  The doors are at the left side of the photo.

The leftovers were added to the burn pile.

We're getting ready to move the chicken house to this location so I'm pulling out some small stumps using a chain and come-along.  I dig down around the stump and cut any roots I can reach.  These are about four inches in diameter.

Susan is pulling a rotten stump to a burn pile in the garden.

I added it to the flames.

Another pile taking shape.

We have strawberries coming up ...

and rhubarb ...

and garlic ...

and bunching onions.

Clearing out rocks to do some roto-tilling.

The piano hinge came loose on my Troy Built Tiller so I pop-riveted it back into place.

I also had to pump up the tires and fill the tank with gasoline before starting it.  It started easily after it's winter of rest.

I thought the ground would be too wet to work but that wasn't the case.  I've owned this tiller for many eyars and it does a great job.  If I ever wear it out I'll buy another one just like it.  Of course their guarantee is that you can take the motor and wheels off and send in the frame and gearbox and they'll rebuild it or replace it for half the cost of a new unit at any time the owner wants to do so.

Susan planted the Jerusalem Artichokes.

And planted the first 49 hills of potatoes.  We'll plant more potatoes and peas next.

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