Thursday, May 5, 2011

30 April - 4 May, 2011 House moving, tire swapping.

The last few days have been spent in spring cleaning.  Mostly piling and burning brush, leaves and trash plus we've had some other projects going too.  It's been raining off and on so garden work is out for now.  The night time temperatures have been in the 20's almost every night so if anything does come up it will get frosted back the next night. 

We've both been enjoying the internet.  Susan gets a lot of emails and is active on a couple of boards.  I stay up on a couple of boards and have ben doing a lot of writing.  I usually write from the time I get up (usually about 5:45 until around noon unless the weathe is unusually clear and warm or we have an outside project we need to rush on.  Susan uses some of that time to get caught up on emails, etc. and do housework.  By noon it's usually comfortable outside so we move outdoors to get things done.  When I finish my current writing project in a couple of weeks (hopefully!)  I'll have more time to work outside as well.

It's the time of year to clean the chicken house so I did that one afternoon.  One of the chickens though she should check out my work before I dumped it.

I'm getting down toward the end of the job now.  Chickens are like horses, they make ten pounds of poop for every pound of food you give them.

It would probably surprise people to know that one of the perks of home we were looking forward to is our "washing machine."  Most of our laundry in Nevada was done in a five-gallon bucket without a wringer.  This is easy compared to that.

Speaking of "easy,"  the cat has been busy taking up it's former positions around the cabin.

Couches aren't much fun unless you can change positions frequently.  And the farther you can stretch yourself out the less room it leaves for anyone else.

And it just wouldn't be home if the cat didn't give me a hand solving my Sudoku puzzles.

One advantage of the rain is that we're rapidly filling our big water tank.  This barrel will be siphoned into the larger tank to make room for more rain water.

Susan had a couple of burn piles going.  She began with sticks and branches then graduated to leaves as she raked the yard.

Most of our trees are evergreens so we don't have a lot of leaves to rake but the aspen and birch still leave a bit of a mess to clean up.  There are usually pine cones mixed in with the leaves and we need to rake them up to make mowing easier with the reel mowers.  The pine cones stick in the reel and you have to stop and remove them by hand.

We're moving the chicken house to a new location.  I pulled the fence loose and we picked it up high enough to get the hi-lift jack under it.

This picture is out of order and should be after the next one.  After jacking it up I slid a couple of planks under it, wrapped a tow strap and chain around it and winched it up on the snowmobile trailer so we could move it.  I used a large come-along for a winch.

This is the second photo in the process.  I jacked the building up and put a couple of birch logs under it to make it easier to move.  I let it back down and slid it sideways on the logs to put it in line with the direction we'd come with the trailer.  Once I had it lined up I jacked it back up and put some planks under it.

I hooked the cherokee to the trailer and went forward and backward until I had it where we were going to unload it.  Before I could do that Susan and I had to move a pile of railroad ties and cut out a coupld of small stumps.  We tilted the bed on the trailer and pushed it off to it's new location.  We had to use planks and landscape timbers to get it into position once it was back on the ground.

Tristan's tires were worn out and he wanted to put some different ones on so we swapped the front tires on his pickup.  The lug nuts were so tight he used a cheater to loosen them.

He's using my $40.00 tire machine to break the bead loose.

Now he rolls the old one over the rim off and we reverse the procedure to install the new tires.  We ended up only doing the front tires because it was getting late and the rims on the rear axles were tight enough it was going to take some real effort to get them off.

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