Tuesday, May 31, 2011

27-31 May - Dancin' dogs and shoveling sh ... manure.

Memorial Day weekend ... rained all day Saturday!  But Sunday and Monday were pretty nice so that was a change over most years.

Susan is picking asparagus seeds from the hulls.  We harvested the seeds last fall and saved them to see if they'll grow new plants.  The seeds are inside a red berry about the size of a pea.  You break the outer shell and pick out the seeds inside.

Went fishing with our oldest son and son-in-law on Saturday on Flathead lake.  It has swells about two feet  high and intermittent rain and wind.  Not the best weather fpr people and evidentally not good for fishing either.  Several hours out and no fish! 

This is Ice.  He likes to go fishing also and jumped up in anticipation every time we reeled in the line.

Susan was pulling "weeds" in the garden and dryng them for use a goat food this winter.  He absolutely loves dandelions (dried or fresh).

Potatoes frying ont eh wood stove.  It's been in the thirties most mornings so we have a fire going int he stove anyway ... so why not use it to make breakfast and save on the propane?

Susan doing laundry.  The bell shaped tool is called a "Rapid Washer."  We bought ours from Lemans several years ago.  It has baffles inside the channel water through to  help push ti through your clothes.  It works much better than a toilet plunger, stick or canoe paddles (things we've used before).


We went fishing this morning.  We had a good time on the lake but didn't catch anything.  I'm starting to believe I'm some kind of jinx when it comes to fishing.

A muskrat house.

A beaver lodge.

A view of the mountains to the east of us.

The buffalo got out a couple of times and got into the hay that was stacked here.  What they didn't eat they defacated in so I'm forking it into the truck so we can compost it for use in the garden.

The dog decided to sit in the truck and listen to the radio.

Odie with one of the leg bones from the buffalo.

I've been tethering the goat out during the day to eat fresh grass, etc.  Susan caught him on top of the scrap pile jousting with the little pine tree.

Mowing already ... ugh!

We had one muffler hanger missing and one broken so I got the welder out to fix the broken one and put a new one where the one fell off.  I had to make it from materials I had on hand so I used a piece of scrap steel and cut rubber insulators from an old tire.  I welded the bracket to the tail pipe rather than waste a clamp.

After I finished the Cherokee our daughter got here with her car.  It needed exhaust work too and also a wheel bearing tightened up.

There are water bowls all over the place for the cat, dog and chickens but the cat decided to drink out of the water storage tank instead.  If we could have tweaked that plastic pipe that would have been a very wet ... and angry ... cat.

I was batting the tetherball around and the dog decided to join in.  She's pretty good at keeping the ball moving but isn't too careful about which direction she hits it.

She's coming back down to earth after leaping to hit the ball with her front feet.

I did some repair work on a picnic table we were given.  The legs are rusted out on the bottom so I welded another pipe alongside to reinforce them.

We've been working on the new homesite of one of our daughter's and her husband.  Susan mowed the "grass," smoothed out the driveway entrance and drained this mud hole.  (I was unloading the pickup into the compost pile at the time.)

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