Monday, May 23, 2011

15-23 May, 2011 Gardens, Grandchildren, Guns, Lean-to's, and Blanket Thieves

Been a busy week for the most part.  The weather hasn't cooperated much.  We've had some sunshine but mostly overcast with intermittent showers.  Not enough to soak anything, just enough that you can't get as much done outside.  The odd thing is that it's flood season and creeks and rivers are running bank-full.  Mostly from snow-melt.  We had above average snow depths last winter which is good unless it melts off to fast.  Today the pictures are lumped into categories rather than sequence as I usually put them.

If you kept up with our Nevada blog you might recognize Hannah.  She, her mother and brother stayed with us the last couple of weeks.  We brought her recliner and the bear up from storage and took them home to her.

Susan and Logan.  He's happy now after having drained his bottle.

Susan's planting peas.  Hopefully they won't get frosted off when they come up.  This is seed we saved from last year.

Susan is weeding.   She got the garlic weeded earlier and has been working her way through the other parts of the garden since then.

These are dried potato peelings we saved for the goat.  One didn't want to give up and sprouted a new plant. We'll plant it in the garden and see how it does.

Thi si just a comparison shot to see what Susan's been up to.  The bed on the left is one she cleared out.  It looked just like the one on the right does before she started.

She planted some pepper plants then the temperature hit a low of 20 and killed them all.  Gardening can be more than just a little frustrating here.

She's been digging, transplanting, selling and giving away rspberry plants like crazy.  She sold a bunch at the farmer's market in Whitefish on Saturday.  We may try selling more at the one in Eureka on Wednesday.

We've been waiting to see how many of our apple trees made it through the winter.  This one is doing well.

More to plant when we get the greenhouse built and the nights aren't so cold.

Our flowers are finally blooming.

More flowers ...

and more flowers.

It's so dry we did some garden watering.  We don't have much planted yet to water but the things like raspberries, onions, garlic, asparagus, blueberries, fruit trees, etc. that are already up were getting really thirsty.  We got the water hoses out of storage and ran them to the garden.

The storage tank has a couple hundred gallons left from last year and the spring rains we've had so far so we didn't have to haul water ... yet!  I take the intake pipes off in fall and put them together again in spring.  I leave the end that goes into the water upright and pour water down it until it begins coming out of the pump's tank. The bulb in the pipe near the pump is a one-way valve so the pump maintains it's prime after it's shut off.

Once the water starts running out I know the pump is full and primed so I close the spigot, put the inlet pipe in the tank and start the pump.  I leave teh valve shut until the tank fills and the pump shuts off.  Once the pump shuts off I put the hose on then open the spigot to pump the water wherever it's needed.

When Susan weeds the garden she throws the weeds into the goat's pen.  The goat loves them.

I went to gather eggs and found the nest occupied.  I'll give her some time then check again.  If she's broody too bad.  We dont' have a rooster so I'm not going to let her try to hatch out the eggs.

The back side of the chicken house now that we're finished with the run.

This is stew meat from the buffalo.  It's ready to can.

Some of the ground meat will be vacuum packed and frozen.  The rest will be canned.

Buffl'er stew.  Even the herbs and spices Susan used were home grown.

I made a Whelen Lean-To from plans in an article from either Backwoodsman or Wilderness Way magazines.  I finally got it put up so I could try it out.  I uses canvas drop cloth material and sewed it on my Singer treadle sewing machine.  I bought some UV rated thread from a craft store in Eureka for the seams.  So far it's been tested in the rain and is waterproof.  I made the satkes out of some long stakes I keep on hand for muskrat trapping.  After a bit I noticed a sweet smell in the air and realized that I'd used some stakes that I pulled last year and they still had muskrat lure on them.  At least muskrat lure smells good.  Every other trapping scent I have smells ike some combination of skunk and rotted meat.

The dog kept me company last night.I brought her blanket out so she wouldn't be sleeping on mine.  About midway through the night I got cold and stole her blanket too.  I had one folded up wool blanket under me and two on top.  With the dog's blanket over me and the dog stretched out beside me I slept pretty good the rest of the night.  It was in the upper 30's when I got up this morning.  I tried sleeping without a pillow and did fine until I rolled on my side.  I have some shoulder problems stemming from too many years using an impact gun under cars so laying on my arm was not an option.  So, I rolled over the short log end seen at the head of my "bed" and used the flat part for a pillow.  It was different but worked.  I think I'll bring a real pillow tonight though.

I'm almost finished with a Kentucky Rifle kit I'm puting together.  I browned the barrel, polished the brass, and stained and finished the stock.  I need to put one more coat of Tru-Oil on the stock and assemble it then I can take it out to shoot.  I've got a couple fo other ML rifles but this one is the lightest and I'm looking forward to hunting wth it this summer and fall. A fifty-caliber round ball should kill a gopher shouldn't it?

The water pump started leaking on the Cherokee so I installed a new one.  Of course as soon as I began working the rain started to fall.  It was a light rain so I kept on working.  In this picture I think I'm trying find a bolt I dropped.

We took some old mattresses into Eureka to the dump and brought home a load of pallets.  They always come in handy around here.

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