Monday, April 11, 2011

5-11 April Vegas X 2

We had some friends to meet in Las Vegas on the 6th. The weather forecast was for more strong wind so we almost cancelled the trip but then decided to go anyway.  The wind wasn't supposed to get bad until later in the afternoon so we decided to just make sure we headed home early.  It was a nice trip on the motorcycle going to Vegas.  The wind was to our back most of the way.  One the way home it had changed directions and was mostly to our back so the highway travel went well.  We got lost though and it took longer to find them than we had planned.

On I-15 heading into Las Vegas.

The next seveal pictures are of businesses on the "Strip" in Vegas.  We were on the motorcycle so visibility was good.  Susan did some overtime with her camera!

Bumper to bumper ... Seems like nrmal traffic whenever we've been to Vegas.  I liked being on the motorcycle better than driving the car.

Once we'd gone the entire length of the strip and didn't find the hotel we were looking for we stopped and asked directions.  From then it was a quick drive to the hotel/casino and avisit with our friends.  On the way out we were later than usual and hit the rush hour traffic.  It's a bit unnerving at times to have semi-trailers driving by with wheels as tall as we were on the bike and have then close enough to touch with nothing between us.  It was harder on Susan because I could see them coming in the mirrors but every one was sudden appearance for her.  The nice thing about the motorcycle is that it's quick and agile in the traffic.

Once out of vegas the traffic thinned out and the rest of the way was great except for some gusting winds at times.

The forecast was for high winds on Thursday and Friday and rain on Saturday.  They were right on the money!  We planned n playing on the waves with the kayaks but the temperature dropped and the wind was cold so we stayed indoors.  It was a good day to write so I did (that day and the next day and the day after that!)

The cat was bored ...

So he started picking on the dog ...

Who was also bored and more than willing to take the cat up on his challenge.  At least our boredom was relieved watching them!

The wind wasn't too bad Saturday so we thought we'd head into town to the library but a look at the sky cured us of that thought. Overton was getting hammered by rain.

With some heading our way as well.  The storm didn't last long and was mostly show with little rain but by the time it was gone we didn't feel like going onto town.

Sunday we went into Vegas again to pick up one of our kids and her two children.  We needed to take the U-Haul so we moved some things outside into the tent in preparation to go.  The cat decided he wanted to check out under the tent so Susan took his picture.

We had a bit of a time getting out.  The sand was soft and deep under the truck so we had to do some shovelling and filling in to get out of our parking spot.  We finally did though and hit the road.  We drove through the Valley of Fire because it cut so many miles off the trip it was worth it to pay the ten-dollar fee to use their road.  Here, we're  on the final stretch of I - 15 heading into Vegas.

We left early so we could spend some time at the Bass Pro Shop in Vegas.  While there I did very well in not spending a lot of money.  A lot of what they had was higher in price than I would pay for the same stuff at home anyway so not spending money wasn't too hard.  I took a picture of some of the books they had for sale while there. 

As the time drew near for our daughter's flight to arrive we headed for the airport.  I'm not impressed with the Vegas airport.  It would help immensely if they'd tell you which flight was unloading so you didn't have to check every batch of people coming in every couple of minutes.  We watched the limo drivers rush over to different escalators every time a planeload of people came through.  That was about the only entertainment available until our guests arrived.

We took them through downtown Vegas to see the lights and casinos then headed for home.  On the way to The Strip there was an accident on the interstate so it took about an hour to go one mile to the exit.

Grandkids after a short night of sleep and breakfast!

Mom and daughter (or daughter and granddaughter?) playing in the water.  They're from Montana and the water there is still in it's solid state.

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