Friday, April 1, 2011

30-31 March, 2011 - Back to Lake Mead

We spent about a week out in the desert then headed back to the Lake Mead/Overton area. We stopped overnight in the Wal Mart parking lot before heading out again.

It was difficult to get used to the noise, lights and movement again.  While out in the desert we averaged one vehicle coming by about every two days.

Susan took this picture when we walked over to the Dollar store to buy tea.  It's interesting to see both palm trees and snow on the mountains.

One store sold guns and guitars ... and guitar guns????  These are real electric guitars.  We sent a photo to a friend in MT to see if he wanted us to pick one up for him!

Susan caught Odie going through her "tricks." (Usually to get food!)

I think I'm beginning to see a family resemblance here.

Our new camping spot is almost in the lake.  This is the best place yet for camping and kayaking.

There is no shade so we decided to make our own.  The only tarp we had free measures 6 X 8 feet.  We picked up a large one in town this morning.

The cat isn't satisfied until he's inspected everything inside and out.

The sun was bright and hot so Susan used the solar cooker to make spanish rice for supper.

There was a sentinal on the ridgetop watching.  I think he was taking inventory of potential threats.  Probably looked at the dog and decided there wasn't much to fear.

This is the first place we've been that we didn't have cell phone service at the camper. Susan goes tot he top of the hill to send/receive texts.

Ah ... there she is!  I just needed to add some magnification.

Our camper is in the right, center of the photo.

Susan gathering firewood and cooling off her feet.

Another neighbor.  The little guy's actual size is about half the size you see here.  He was smaller than a dime.

We kept waiting for the cat to fallin but no such luck.  Then we waited for the dog to come push the cat in.  Again, no such luck.  The dog's smarter than she looks.

Odie picking up sticks in the water.  Earlier she was taking her tennis ball above the shore and letting it roll into the water so she could swim after it.  She was very hesitant to get in the water when we first got to Nevada.  We can't keep her out now.

Sunset, day one!

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