Monday, April 18, 2011

12-18 April, 2011, Grandkids and good times...

It's been great having one of our daughters here with her two children.  Like the old saying goes, "If we'd have known grandchildren were so much fun we'd have started with them."  The last week has been spent close to the camper due to transportation challenges.  The only passenger vehicle we have with us is the motorcycle.  We've spent quite a bit of time in the kayaks and playing in the lake.

I had one interesting experience one windy day when the kayak capsized while we were out playing in the waves then Susan and I got a case of food poisoning from some hamburgers from town.  I wouldn't wish that experience on my worst enemy.  (Well, maybe on my worst enemy!)

Susan is in her favorite kayaking position soaking up the sun.

We took several short (2 to 3 hour) forays on the water.  Usually Susan and I would go out in the mornings and Becky and Susan would take the kayaks out in the afternoon while I watched the kids. 

This is Logan and Susan.  He likes being able to see people around when he's awake.

We've been putting the solar cooker to use whenever possible.  In this case it's cooking up a batch of chicken and dumplings.  We stiil have most of the food we brought with us.  We've eaten out a few times but overall the food has lasted much longer than we estimated originally.

We've had quite a bit of wind at times.  Here the dog is catching some of the wind out of the northwest.  Odie has been shedding a lot this week.  Hopefully she'll be okay when we get home to cooler temperatures.

Hannah decided she liked my hat.

I usually use a spray skirt when kayaking.  In high waves it keeps the water out and in bright sun it keeps me from getting sunburned.

The dog and cat standing guard at the back of the camper.

Hannah giving drinking instructions to the cat.

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