Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1-4 April, 2011 Kayaks and wind ...

We're getting settled into our new spot.  There's a lot more traffic through than our old campsite.  There are a couple of small peninsulas beyond our campsite with a rotating guest list so we have people coming past several times every day.  It isn't a problem, just different.  It is nice being so close to the water and being sheltered from the wind when it's out of the north.

Susan made some chocolate milk using dry milk and Nestle's Quick mix.  It was almost as good as it would have been with fresh milk.

This was taken the first.   Today on the way into town almost every blossom was open.  The photo doesn't capture the full color and effect of the flowers.

Sunrise on the second of April (taken from the doorway).

Susan doing some outside reading with her improvised sun-shade.

We've had several days of high winds.  On the second they were out of the south-east so we had a little fun on the lake.  Some of the swells were around two-feet high which is a lot of fun in a kayak.  I put the spray skrt on mine so I wouldn't get as much water inside then headed for the "breakers."  (Outside our little inlet where the waves were higher.)  It was good practice and a lot of fun.  We spent aboutt wo hours out on the water.

This was taken on the third.  The wind has changed and iscoming out of the north now. 

I changed the rear tire on my bicycle.  I found one at the hardware store in Overton.  They've come up in price since I bought my last one.

I don't know if this damage (on the old bike tire) was caused during transpost on the trailer or by rocks when I was riding the bike.  At any rate it needed replaced.

One of our neighbors taking a break in the sun.

The cat taking a break on the camper.  (Draped over my gun case.)

Susan doing laundry on Monday.  (I wash the dishes.)  It's nice having the lake nearby for water.

The cat doing it's morning stretching exercises.

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