Thursday, July 15, 2010

The water hole is full and ready to go.

I primed the pump and started the engine. I leave the outlet hose off at first to be sure I have a good stream of water flowing and the pump is fully primed.

I shut the pump off and hook up the outlet hose.

It's about 90 feet to the truck. I know this because a single, 75 foot long hose won't reach. I use two fifty-footers.

When I ran the water through the hose I found a slight problem. The hose (with a new bullet hole in it) was laying about twenty feet in front of my 50 yard target. Last time when I was playing around with the MAK-90 on rapid fire I must have hit a little low. I walked back to the cabin and got another hose. (About 250 yards each way.)

I think this means we're finished. I only got about 230 gallons this time. Usually I get enought to fill all six barrels (330 gallons).

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