Thursday, July 15, 2010

Susan took this opportunity to water the garden with the hose while the generator was running the water pump. She usually does it witha water can by dipping water out of the stock tanks or barrels.

While the compressor was running I decided to check out the leak in my front tire. The bead is leaking on it this time. I put it back on the truck until we can get to town and I can buy a stiff wire brush for my drill to knock the rust off the rim where the bead seats against it. I'll also pick up a thermostat and gasket while we're in town.

The battery charger is on fast charge and set for 90 minutes at a 40 amp charge rate. This is an extra battery we have on hand. We may use it with the electric trolling motor or I might need it at the shack to run my lights and radio there or we may use it to jump start a vehicle. A friend gave us several of these Wal Mart batteries a couple of years ago. They were new batteries that had never been sold but had reached the end of their "shelf life" so WalMart tossed them.

When we run the generator we run everything electrical we can use. This is the new 6,000 watt generator. The two cords on the left go to the battery charger and the air compressor. The one on the top right goes to the water pump. The one on the lower right goes to the cabin where it's running the battery charger in the inverter, the electric dehydrator (with the celery in it) and we also turn the refrigerator to "high" when we have the generator running.

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