Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anyone know what kind of flower/plant this is?  We can't find it in any of our books.

This time of year Susan covers the celery with a "sheer curtain" type of material (I was told that any woman would know just what I was talking about) to keep it from bolting to seed in the hot weather.

The goatling got his horns caught in the fence.  I think it embarrassed him more than it hurt.

When I set my gopher traps in new locations I took the goat with me.  I put him on a long lead (50 foot rope) and let him wander with me with the rope dragging loose behind him.  He'd stop to eat then run to catch up.  (The rope was in case he wanted to play hard to catch.)  The cat thought is was fun to chase the end of the rope and followed us all over our 20 acres.

Barbecued chicken and our first harvest of peas tonight.  Very, very good!

Susan shelling peas for supper.  Some of the better ones were culled out and saved for seed for next year.
All of our peas are from seed saved from last year. (See picture below from May 14, 2010 of Susan shelling the dried peas to plant in the garden.)

This is mint from our garden.  It's been dried and now Susan is storing it in a jar.

Susan put netting over some of our serviceberry bushes to keep the birds away.  Some people call these saskatoons but they aren't.  They're related but a saskatoon is kind of between a serviceberry and blueberry in texture and taste.

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