Friday, July 23, 2010

The temporary fix in place.

There was a post down on the buffalo pasture last night. I opted to fix it this morning since we were in the middle of a lightening storm at the time.

Susan cut some Arnica to dry for witch-docterin' (herbal remedies).

The goatling was climbing the walls for food.

Note the difference in size 24 hours make. There was another one hatching about three hours ago. We'll probably go get him and bring him inside soon.

The proud momma.

"Mom" is back in the nest. The little guy is tuckered out. Being hatched is hard work.

A little camera shake here! He finally got his head out.

Now his wing is all the way out.

When I fed the chickens this morning I caught this little guy just beginning on his journey into the bright world beyond his shell.

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