Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A picture of the potato soup cooking in the solar cooker today.

While the goat was eating I braided three strands of used baling twine together to make a longer leash for the goat.

The goat grazed for about an hour. It's favorite food was wild rose leaves and red clover.

I'm using the treadle sewing machine to sew the lower seam on my jeans. I've had this machine for over 25 years. It works as good as the day it came from the factory. We bought a replacement belt (and a spare) from Lehman's aobut five years ago. It works best if you use both feet to peddle. It only has one stitch in one direction (forward)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I hauled water again today. I got this batch from a different neighbor. They have a well so I used their generator to run the pump. While I was there we cut a salt block in half using a skil saw for most of it then a hand saw to finish the job. They kept half for their goat and we kept half for ours. Susan sent some celery from our garden and we returned an empty quart size milk jar. They gave us a quart of goat milk the last time we were there.

I spent part of the afternoon letting the goat eat in old corral. I stayed out there with it so the mosquitos would have someone there to donate blood to them. While I waited I braided three strands of baling twine together to make another leash for the goat. We have miles of the stuff around and whenever I can I use it for practical projects. I made snowshoe harness with it about three years ago. It's still working well.

Susan worked late last night on a story she's writing and finished it up today. She made potato soup using the solar cooker today. Every ingredient except the creme cheese came from things we grew ourselves or got locally (goat milk). She could have made the cream cheese too except we had some that needed to be used up today so she didn't bother.

I still need to drain one more barrel but the tank is full so we'll have to use some up before I can put more in.

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