Tuesday, January 31, 2012

25-31 January, 2012 Snowshoes, Snowmobiles, Sleds and Birthday Parties

In case you haven't noticed, the winter routine is about the same week after week.  First thing in the morning brush the snow off the solar panels, write for a few hours (me), take care of Scott (Susan), feed the chickens, reload the wood box, etc. 

When Scott is up one of us has to watch him.  Sometimes we can both work if it's something that will keep him occupied as well (like washing dishes) or if we can put him in the backpack so he can watch what we're doing.  Often we just take shifts with him.  For example:  Susan watched him this morning while I was writing and I took over in the afternoon while she moved the VCR tapes to a new location.  Often, after supper, Scott will play with his toys in the living area while we watch a movie.  When he goes to bed at night (usually around 8:30 -9:00) we get some time on the computers and Internet.
Here's Susan and Scott brushing the night's accumulation of snow off the solar panels.  We usually do this as soon as it's light enough to see (about 1/2 hour before sunrise).

Susan made bread and buns.  Susan made Sloppy Joes the first day then I used some of the bread to make French Toast the next morning.  We used more of the buns for hamburgers that night.  The homemade bread tastes better than store bought but doesn't keep as long. 

I usually shovel the snow off the outbuildings but Susan does the U-haul's roof because she's lighter.  This is the first time we cleaned the snow off the U-haul.  It had about a foot of wet, heavy snow on it.

We took the snowmobiles out for a spin on Thursday.  Scott was in the backpack behind Susan.  He seemed to enjoy everything except the noise.  After we went back to put Scott down for a nap I took one out for about an hour of riding up in the deep snow on the State Land.  I don't really like using them in deep snow but figured I needed to at least know how.  The bad thing is that when you get off the snowmobile you plunge into snow up to your waist (or higher!).  You have to keep the throttle opened up too because if you slow down you get stuck.  Getting un-stuck is a chore when you're by yourself!  It's just not as much fun!

Last Friday's sunrise.  Actually, it will be about an hour before we catch the first glimpse of the sun.

We hang laundry indoors when we have the room.  Anything we don't have room for gets left outside to freeze (no mildew that way).   They look kind of funny when you first hang them on the line.

Scott likes to relax when he eats.  Susan put her feet up on the chair so Scott mimicked Susan by putting his feet on the table.

We went to Kalispell to celebrate our daughter's birthday.  Here Scott is helping his dad put together a coffee table they'd just bought.

Now he's teaching his mom how to cook.  It was Emily's 18th birthday but she made her own cake.

She also bought some presents for everyone.  She wanted a "reverse" birthday party in which she bought gifts for everyone else on her birthday.  These are some of Scott's presents.

Like most little kids, Scott was most impressed with the wrapping paper and took off with the decorative bag his presents had been in.

We did a little bit of snowshoeing on Monday.  I've been checking e trails for critter tracks and we set up a game camera at this location.  The snow was about a foot deep and very wet.  Definitely not the best snow for snowshoeing.  Earlier the same day we'd been out sledding. On the way back to the cabin we jumped a snowshoe rabbit.  They have nearly perfect camouflage in the winter.  He took off almost under our feet.  The dog gave chase but the rabbit prevailed.

Victor brought his Land Cruiser over today to check the front end out.  Everything was okay except for the drag link. It was adjustable so I tightened it up and sent him on his way.  I haven't had anything to do with an adjustable drag link in over 25 years.  I was glad I still had the socket needed to adjust it. 

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